Hot Chillys Reveals Brand Refresh & New Sustainable Packaging

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. — September 20, 2022 — Hot Chillys, the classic brand that has been delivering performance base layers and winter accessories to outfit the whole family since 1985, has revealed a modern new look and significant sustainability improvements.

The legacy brand continues to deliver trusted performance and comfort base layers for everybody in the family, ensuring “no buns left behind”. The rebrand embodies Hot Chillys’ unique position in the base layer marketplace—they keep it fun, lighthearted and relatable without compromising on the industry-leading performance and comfort. Hot Chillys remains true to its roots of developing base layers to keep everyone warm, dry and comfortable so you forget you’re even wearing them and focus on enjoying your adventure. As they say at Hot Chillys, ‘if you’re not having fun, it’s just not worth it.’”

“Many of our customers have been adventuring in our base layers since their earliest childhood memory on the slopes 30 years ago, and now they are suiting up their own kids to carry on the tradition of having fun together outside,” said Steve Lee, Senior VP of Sales at Hot Chillys. “This brand refresh meets our customers where they are today without compromising on the quality, innovation and technical engineering that has made us the leading purveyor of performance winter apparel for over three decades.”

Additionally, in an effort to continue to keep the outdoor adventures going for generations to come, Hot Chillys has also made some drastic updates when it comes to its commitment to sustainability. One major area of improvement in this arena is with regard to Hot Chillys packaging. New for this year, Hot Chillys’ iconic can that the base layers are packaged in is fully recyclable, including the aluminum lid. The brand has also completely eliminated the use of poly bags in packaged products, uses only fully recyclable paperboard in all packaging and has switched over to soy-based inks.

Many of the packaging improvements were not only developed for the end user, but with the retailer in mind. The iconic can features improved operability for ease in opening and resealing. The elimination of poly bags also streamlines the ease of looking at products and replacing them in the box. An improved access hole on the packaging promotes handfeel of the product and revamped visibility and clarity in labeling the features, sizing and icons on the package streamlines the Hot Chillys experience for consumers while shopping at retail. Lastly, the new packaging features the same dimensions as the original packaging so as to not disrupt the retail footprint or display.

“We are so proud of this new, reusable packaging and its impact, that we’re committed to replacing any existing packaging that is currently on the floor,” said Lee. “To date, we have repackaged over 40,000 products currently at retail with the new packaging to improve the experience for our retailer’s customers.”

Hot Chillys has a 37-year legacy of putting its retailers first, which is one reason they have grown to trust and rely on the brand for its quality, consistency and stability. The pandemic era was no different. Hot Chillys was able to meet market demands during a tumultuous time: to have inventory and address retailer needs for a clearer, better defined product—reliable and on the shelf. Hot Chillys took the opportunity sparked by a global issue to look at ways to improve its brand holistically, which inspired the rebrand and sustainability focus. As a result, Hot Chillys’ business doubled from 2020-2021 and is projected to continue +50% growth in 2022.

Posted: September 20, 2022

Source: Hot Chillys