Christian Brands Acquires Murphy Robes

PHOENIX — July 21, 2022 — Christian Brands of Phoenix, AZ, has acquired the Murphy Robes Company of Indianapolis, IN.

Murphy Cap & Gown was founded in 1913 and was a family owned and operated company focused on providing exceptional Christian choir gowns, pulpit robes, clergy attire and vestments as well as a full line of clergy shirts. In 2008 Murphy Cap & Gown was acquired by Herff Jones of Indianapolis, Indiana, and the name was changed to Murphy Robes.

For over one hundred and ten years Murphy Robes has solidified its position as the market leader in custom and quick ship choir gown and pulpit robes for Christian churches in North America. The Murphy Robes line of church attire is the most diverse and dynamic product offering in America.

Started as a small sewing operation in the founders’ garage, the company became the largest choir gown manufacturer in the United States with over 200 employees at its height.

The Murphy Robes team has had huge success in leading a brand that embraces contemporary church fashion and state-of-the-art sewing techniques that have been a part of Christian retailing for decades.

“We are very pleased to have a new steward for this wonderful brand who will grow the business dramatically in the future. The Christian Brands team is well versed with the needs of our industry and can help strengthen the Murphy Robes marketing position across all channels of distribution,” said Herff Jones Vice President of Human Resources, Michael Williams. “With their resources, and the help of their field sales force, telemarketing staff and sophisticated web presence, we firmly believe that Murphy Robes will continue to flourish and offer our customers the highest quality products and superior customer service that our industry has come to expect.”

Christian Brands, founded in 1948, is a distribution, importing and manufacturing firm with five distinct catalogs selling to an assortment of retailers across the country.

Recent acquisitions include Gerffert, R.J. Toomey, Creed, Berkander, Jeweled Cross, Robert Smith, Will & Baumer, Alfred Mainzer and Sudbury Brass.

Paul DiGiovanni, President of Christian Brands, said, “We are thrilled to lead the future direction of this wonderful Murphy Robes brand. The Murphy Robes team have combined vision and hard work to build this unique Christian brand and we look forward to offering this exclusive grouping of quality textile products to our new combined customer base.

Christian Brands is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBC Group headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, with manufacturing facilities, a call center, and a distribution center in Lewisburg, TN.

Posted: July 21, 2022

Source: Christian Brands