OCEANIA Pioneers Eco-Sustainable Shoes

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — June 21, 2022 — OCEANIA, presents ECO – their most recent footwear collection dedicated to environmental sustainability.  Inspired by Puerto Rico’s culture, its’ lush evergreen sceneries, and the exceptional blues of the Caribbean, Oceania has brought style into sustainability. ECO stems from company’s mission to pledge green in the footwear industry by repurposing.

As unwanted manufactured material is often thrown out, levels of water pollution and carbon emissions increase, thus affecting the surrounding ocean and environment that inspire our brand. The collection is based on the concept of minimizing the damage done to our planet, building a stepping-stone for others to follow in lowering the industry’s trace of pollution. Made in Spain, the shoes are crafted with 100% recyclable materials such as Recy-tex organic cotton and shock-absorbing insoles made from recycled foam and wine corks. By doing so, Oceania exemplifies the 3 pillars that rectify ECO’s purpose. These 3 pillars are:

  • E – Environmental Awareness,
  • C – Corporate Responsibility,
  • O – Ode to Sustainability.

“Our goal in launching the ECO collection is to take a step forward into a new phase of sustainable business practices to reduce our ecological footprint.” stated Antonio Perez, Brand Manager for Oceania.

Using ECO’s 3 pillars as a framework to design Oceania’s collection, the brand is positioned as a top choice for the eco-friendly consumer.

Posted: June 22, 2022