TREW Launches Nuyarn Merino T-Shirt Line

PORTLAND, Ore. — May 20, 2022 — TREW has recently unveiled its brand new product collection of Nuyarn merino wool tees.

TREW’s Nuyarn merino T-shirt collection is a collaborative effort between the design team at TREW and their beloved customer base, with countless conversations and extensive community polling taking place over the past two years. With the help of customer input, TREW has dialed in a product line that hits all of the marks for customers — from colors and designs, to fit, sizing, and features — all built upon the impressive technology behind New Zealand merino wool company, Nuyarn.

Nuyarn uses a revolutionary, twist-free technique in spinning wool to better harness merino wool’s natural attributes, resulting in the world’s first performance wool. When compared to Traditional ringspun merino wool, Nuyarn Merino:

  • 35-percent more volume and aeration;
  • 5x faster drying;
  • 85-percent more elasticity;
  • 35-percent more thermal retention;
  • 35-percent more resistant to air;
  • 50-percent greater burst strength;
  • 8.8x more resistant to abrasion; and
  • 120 percent stronger seams.

Nuyarn’s benefits create an incredible material that is supremely comfortable, extremely durable, and ready for anything. TREW and Nuyarn have worked together in the past, previously launching three separate iterations of wool products between 2015 and 2018. With a long hiatus due to supply chain obstacles over the past few years, both companies are equally excited to embark on a new chapter together with this first launch of the new and improved TREW Nuyarn merino collection.

“Our customers rely on us to create products that will last, there simply isn’t another merino wool on the market with the longevity and performance of Nuyarn,” said Chris Pew, CEO. “Not to mention, thanks to some amazing new designs and a collaboration with our customers, this is the best looking collection of merino t-shirts that we’ve ever released.”

While the Nuyarn merino collection currently consists of three t-shirt designs in 8 different colors and various different designs, TREW promises to launch even more Nuyarn products — including base layers to pair with its renowned outerwear — as Fall approaches.

Posted: May 20, 2022

Source: TREW