37.5Ⓡ Technology Incorporates Enhanced Biodegradation (+EB) Into All Products

BOULDER, Colo. — March 8, 2022 —  Cocona Labs, the makers of temperature-regulating 37.5Ⓡ Technology, announced this week that after nearly four years of testing, all 37.5 fibers and yarns going forward will incorporate an Enhanced Biodegradation (+EB) technology to accelerate the natural biodegradation of synthetic textiles in landfills. Unlike standard synthetic materials that can take centuries to biodegrade, the +EB additive enables 37.5 synthetic fibers and yarns to biodegrade in just a fraction of that time without impacting durability or performance.

Textiles have long been known to be a major component of landfill waste. Synthetic fibers represent more than half of all global fiber production and show virtually no natural degradation in lab tests. It’s estimated 17 million tons of textile waste are contributed to landfills every year, much of which will remain unchanged during the remainder of our lifetime (and far beyond). Cocona Labs’ decision to add the +EB additive to all the company’s 37.5 products — at no additional charge — was made to address this issue.

Unlike typical synthetic fibers that can take hundreds (if not thousands) of years to biodegrade, 37.5 Technology’s +EB additive rapidly accelerates synthetic fibers’ natural degradation after being deposited in a landfill. Based on laboratory tests, 37.5 +EB fibers are projected to biodegrade 50 to 80 percent in just 80 to 100 years so that synthetic textile waste may be more quickly reclaimed.

“Incorporating +EB technology into all 37.5 products is an important step to bringing more sustainable practices to the textile industry,” Jeff Bowman, CEO of Cocona Labs said. “Given the growing mass of synthetic materials sitting in landfills and the problems associated with it, we are excited to make this technology available at no additional charge. We believe deeply that manufacturers and suppliers need to be doing better, so we are.”

Cocona Labs recognizes that these issues are not easy ones to tackle but remains committed to its vision that discarded textiles can be transformed from a problem to a solution. +EB technology will be incorporated into all 37.5 yarns, fabrics, and fills by July 2022.

Posted March 8, 2022

Source: 37.5 Technology