We aRe SpinDye (WRSD), Björn Borg Enter Into Collaboration Agreement

STOCKHOLM — December 8, 2021 — Today We aRe Spin Dye (WRSD) presents a collaboration agreement between the two companies that paves the way for jointly reducing the environmental impact from dyeing of textiles in production of Björn Borg’s collections.

The companies have agreed on the forms of cooperation and a plan for the implementation of WRSD’s technology. Today’s agreement lays the foundation for the possibility of a long-term collaboration that is positive for both the companies and the environment.

“We are sincerely happy to be able to present today’s news of a collaboration between Björn Borg and WRSD. From WRSD’s perspective, Björn Borg is a brand with a product range that fits exceptionally well with WRSD’s offering,” said Andreas Andrén, CEO of WRSD.

“With sustainability as one of three focus areas for our operations, we are committed to following the UN’s 1.5-degree goal and the cooperation with WRSD is completely in line with that,” said Mija Nideborn, Product and Sustainability manager at Björn Borg AB. “As much as 98 percent of our emissions come from production and a significant part of it lies in the dyeing process. With WRSD’s process, we drastically reduce both water and chemical use, but also waste, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Initially, we will use WRSD for a number of garments in our Spring / Summer, High Summer, and Autumn/Winter collections 2023.”

Posted December 8, 2021

Source: We aRe Spin Dye (WRSD)