Teijin Frontier Joins “Fashion For Good” Platform For Sustainable Innovation In Apparel Industry

TOKYO, Japan — December 13, 2021 — Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd., the Teijin Group’s fibers and products converting company, announced today that it has become East Asia’s first enterprise to join Fashion For Good (FFG), a global platform aimed at enhancing sustainable innovation in the apparel industry.

The FFG was established in 2017 to address pressing issues such as the pollution generated by producing and transporting clothes and their raw materials, the disposal of used items, the creation of a recycling system, and the need to develop technologies and mechanism to resolve such issues. FFG membership includes apparel and retail enterprises mainly in Europe, start-up companies and research institutes in industries engaged such as raw materials, textile, processing, sewing and logistics.

Teijin Frontier will now evaluate the quality of chemically recycled polyester  pellets made from  textile wastes manufactured by selected FFG innovators, and also manufacture and evaluate the quality of sustainable filament yarns. Teijin Frontier, utilizing its well-established technology and expertise, aims to create more efficient fiber-to-fiber recycling mechanisms as well as contribute to solve other serious issues in the apparel industry that FFG defines.

Teijin Frontier, guided by its THINK ECO® environmental strategy, is striving to improve its environmental value, including by developing environmentally friendly materials and products for applications ranging from clothing to industrial materials. In addition, to contribute to more responsible consumption and production in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Teijin Frontier is working to enhance systems in society for more effective resource conservation, such as waste reduction and recycling. Going forward, Teijin Frontier will continue to actively pursue these and other initiatives to help protect the global environment.

Posted December 13, 2021

Source: Teijin Limited