ORORO Heated Apparel Announces The Release Of New State-Of-The-Art Heated Scarf

LAS VEGAS — November 2, 2021 — ORORO Heated Apparel is thrilled to announce the launch of a new Unisex Heated Scarf to help keep you warm this winter season.

This new scarf is designed for ultimate performance with transformative features. The scarf heats up in just three seconds, providing quick and long lasting warmth. There are three levels of heat allowing you to select the perfect level of comfort and the large heating area ensures that your entire neck stays warm.

There are travel friendly features like the lightweight battery, the same one used for our heated gloves, so you only have to pack one charger to charge both items – adding extra convenience when packing for your next outdoor adventure. Our new scarf is also TSA-friendly, making it easy to pack for trips.

Other features include: water-resistant, wind-resistant, and breathable lining which is perfect for active outdoor activities.

Posted November 2, 2021

Source: ORORO Heated Apparel