Lorpen Designs Its First Winter Collection With Recycled Thread

ARRASATE (Gipuzkoa), Spain — November 24, 2021 — Lorpen, the international benchmark brand for outdoor technical socks, has just presented the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collection to its national and international sales network, and it has been very well received. The product offer that the brand has created for the next cold season brings interesting news, and that is that Lorpen has designed its first winter collection that includes recycled yarns, a milestone in its history, thus becoming the brand that manufactures the most technical outdoor socks on the market, now, using sustainable materials. And, in this line, its range of outdoor & mountaineering will be 100% sustainable next winter. It is also worth noting that the brand designs and manufactures its own socks in its factory in Etxalar (Navarra).

Within the hybrid fibers, Lorpen has introduced in its range of outdoor & mountaineering the new MerinoDry ECO yarn, which mixes and complements the main benefits of superfine merino wool with 100% recycled polyester synthetic fiber, which improves the properties of moisture management and quick drying, also giving it greater resistance. It has also featured RecoverWool yarn, made from recycled post-industrial wool and recycled polyester, a combination that creates a magnificent balance between thermoregulation and sweat management.

For synthetic fibers, the brand has opted for Primaloft Eco, a polyester yarn developed by Primaloft® (world No. 1 in artificial thermal insulation in technical garments). A soft, thermally insulating, hydrophobic fiber that expels and does not absorb moisture, made with 70% recycled resources such as plastic bottles. It has also replaced the traditional Coolmax® with Coolmax®EcoMade, which provides the same long-lasting freshness that you would expect from this renowned brand of fibers, but produced with 97% recycled materials to help the environment. This polyester fiber is 100% made from recycled PET bottles, offering permanent moisture wicking. Both the Primaloft Eco and the Coolmax EcoMade can be found in the T3 models of the outdoor & mountaineering range. Another of the fibers selected in this sustainable innovation process has been Polypropylene, which has been applied in the T2 outdoor & mountaineering models and whose main property is that it dries very quickly, offering good thermal sensation and comfort. Also, it gives the sock antibacterial properties and has the BlueSign® certification, which guarantees that the socks meet the highest standards in terms of functionality, respect for the environment and commitment to future generations, health and safety.

It is important to note that Lorpen has created two of its own fibers, using Unifi® Repreve® yarn, for the T2 models of the outdoor & mountaineering range: ECOTherm, composed of 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles with a hollow core, whose main property is to retain body heat inside and expel moisture out of the skin due to its hydrophobic quality, and ECOFresh, composed of 50% Sorbtek® polyester and 50% Repreve® polyester, 100% recycled from plastic bottles, and that wicks moisture away from the skin 3 times faster than a competing brand thanks to its Catch-Move-Release™ technology.

All the models with sustainable yarns in the autumn-winter 2022-2023 collection will bear the “Ecoengineered” stamp that Lorpen has created and which will be printed throughout the packaging. In upcoming collections, the brand will continue to apply this process of implementing recycled yarns in more models, betting on eco-design and offering outdoor lovers a cutting-edge product in technology and respectful of the environment at the same time.

Posted November 24, 2021

Source: Lorpen