Canada Goose Launches Performance Luxury Footwear Collection

TORONTO — November 12, 2021 — Today, Canada Goose launched its first-ever Footwear Collection, debuting two innovative styles for men and women: the Snow Mantra Boots and the Journey Boots. As the ultimate expression of the brand, this new category delivers on its purpose and takes its acclaimed function-first design to another level.

“Building new categories is a core competency for us and footwear is the natural next step in our product portfolio,” said Dani Reiss, president and CEO, Canada Goose. “Canada Goose Footwear has been years in the making, as we defined and developed this category unlike anything seen before — something that our consumers have long been asking us for. This collection exemplifies the Canada Goose lifestyle, standing the test of time and the elements.”

The collection launches with a global campaign that explores real stories of real people through three videos: Romeo Beckham; Indigenous Artist & Activist, Sarain Fox; and Indigenous Leader and Former NHL Player, Jordin Tootoo. Their powerful stories of resilience and perseverance, of defining their own paths, are told through Canada Goose’s Live in the Open ethos, which invites people to express themselves freely without judgement. Living within that ethos is a Force of Nature, detailing personal journeys, each striving for their own metaphorical summit.

Gear testing is a fundamental part of the design process at Canada Goose with its network of industry experts. For Footwear, the brand tapped adventurers, athletes, researchers and cinematographers to test the boots over a course of six months. They embodied the mantra of living in the open, traversing continents and logging thousands of kilometers, across diverse terrain and a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

The brand was inspired by its six-decade product archive for this collection — a design technique that mirrors its approach to outerwear and apparel, reimagining and reinventing its iconic pieces. The Snow Mantra Parka served as the inspiration for the two footwear styles, employing the same legendary features and performance qualities. Canada Goose footwear is handcrafted by experts and each pair are one-of-a-kind. The patina of the soft and durable leather is a hallmark of its high-quality, a characteristic that develops over time and tells a story of its adventures.

The Snow Mantra Boots are made of nylon, called Tundra Tech, and leather, and are packed with the DNA of its namesake parka counterpart. The boot is designed for use in extreme environments, which requires a secure fit, as well as additional warmth and comfort. The insulated liner molds to the foot shape over time to create a unique and tailored fit. As with any Canada Goose product, the features make it versatile and adaptable to wear and deliver beyond extreme temperatures. Drawcords and cord-locks allow for quick adjustments and seal out the elements, while the varied lacing modes create different fits for wear in diverse environments. The Snow Mantra Boot is available in black, white and red for men and women.

The Journey Boots are equally at peak performance from the city to off-the-grid adventures. The Journey is a performance luxury hiking boot, handmade in Italy and inspired by vintage hiking boots. The versatility and custom fit are also brought into this style. The upper, constructed with just three pieces, guarantees flexibility and as a result, enduring use, as it too will mold to the foot’s shape. The scratch rubber bumper is a refined take on protection, with the chamfered edge referencing the texture from climbing shoes and providing protection from water or rock. The Journey Boot comes in black, white/snowcap, tundra clay/camel for women, and black, dark cedarwood/black, mid-grey/white for men; the latter of which is made with suede.

Both styles are built with a waterproof membrane, creating a fully sealed barrier. They’re each rated on the brand’s proprietary Thermal Experience Index (TEI), just like its outerwear, another testament to the performance and heritage of the styles. The Snow Mantra Boot is a TEI 5, protecting in temperatures that reach -30°C / -25°F and below, while the Journey Boot is a TEI 2, designed for 0°C to -15°C / 32°F to 5°F.

Canada Goose relentlessly seeks to be sustainably innovative, focused on enacting change and driving impact through its HUMANATURE purpose platform, which unites its sustainability and values-based initiatives. Canada Goose Footwear strengthens this focus. The Snow Mantra and Journey Boots are made with responsibly sourced TerraCare Leather. TerraCare® is dedicated to using and developing ecological tanning methods, resulting in lower water and chemical consumption. Specific to innovation, the Snow Mantra Boots are made with Primaloft® Gold Insulation and Primaloft Aerogel, allowing the boots to function under repeated compression, wear and use, as well as retain and provide warmth when wet.

The brand’s 35+ stores will further support the storytelling around the launch with dedicated retail theatre, and interactive and immersive experiences that bring footwear to life as an exhibition. All footwear purchased will be packaged in an exclusive and limited-edition case that emphasizes the ultimate in protection and durability in a functional model. Additionally, 3D vortex murals in select cities around the world literally demonstrate a Force of Nature, while Snapchat users are invited to try-on and test-out each boot through augmented reality.

Canada Goose Footwear is available now in its stores around the world, online at and at select wholesale partners.

Posted November 12, 2021

Source: Canada Goose