Smartwool Chooses Channel Signal To Get Closer To The Consumer

PARK CITY, Utah — October 13, 2021 — Channel Signal, an aggregator of product reviews and analysis, today announced its working with Smartwool, the Merino wool performance sock and apparel manufacturer. Channel Signal is helping Smartwool systematically monitor, measure, and understand its online consumer product reviews to institute a robust consumer feedback loop to inform its business and ultimately provide the best product experience possible for customers.

With its explosive growth in ecommerce, Smartwool realized the importance of gathering product reviews from multiple platforms, centralizing that data, and making it accessible to a variety of different business stakeholders to help it better serve their growing customer base.

Smartwool recognized Channel Signal’s unique ability to not only aggregate product reviews from across the internet (Amazon, major retailers, etc.) but to also clean and validate each. Next, using enhanced analytics, Channel Signal equips Smartwool to better understand and address the needs of its customers to drive product development and brand growth.

“Having visibility to the universe of consumer product reviews is critical to our mission to deliver the most comfortable, best performing product on the market,” said Marla Bailey, Strategic Planning Director for Smartwool. “Our product, QA, customer service and marketing teams all require more robust data directly from consumers, and Channel Signal provides a near real-time platform for us to monitor, capture and take action on critical consumer insights.”

Posted October 13, 2021

Source: Channel Signal®