Unifi Teams Up With The University Of Notre Dame: Event Promotes Sustainability Across Sports Apparel

GREENSBORO, N.C. — September 21, 2021 — Unifi Inc. is continuing its commitment to sustainability across college campuses. The company recently brought its REPREVE® mobile tour to The University of Notre Dame™ during the school’s home opener football game against Purdue University on September 18. This was the first time the mobile tour has visited Notre Dame, signifying the beginning of a new partnership. In addition, L2 Brands, makers of League apparel and Legacy headwear, was able to showcase fan gear made with REPREVE recycled performance fibers inside the mobile tour.

“Unifi is committed to working today for the good of tomorrow, and that includes educating younger generations about the importance of recycling,” said Jay Hertwig, senior vice president of Commercialization at Unifi. “Our partnership with Notre Dame demonstrates the importance and impact of recycling and how the transformation of recycled bottles into new products results in greener, more sustainable college campuses and helps to protect our natural resources.”

Inside the REPREVE mobile tour, L2 Brands also gave product demonstrations to college students, alumni and friends of Notre Dame, who were able to see firsthand how the bottles they recycle are given a second life and transformed into their favorite Fighting Irish™ hats, shirts and jerseys.

“Fans were able to interact with Notre Dame apparel that not only looks and feels great, but that also allows consumers to feel good about the products they purchase,” said Pete Waldon, president of L2 Brands. “When fans see that their favorite gear is made using recycled plastic bottles, it shows the endless possibilities of sustainability.”

Notre Dame’s commitment to sustainability runs deep. The university has pledged to be a leader in sustainable operations, education and research, and a role model for responsible citizenship.

“Our mission at Notre Dame is to be a powerful force for good in the world,” said Tomi Gerhold, director of Licensing at Notre Dame. “Our partnerships with Unifi and L2 Brands help us work toward the goal of fostering a focus on the connection between environmental stewardship and the common good.”

The REPREVE mobile tour’s next stop will be at the University of Maryland on Friday, October 1, where L2 Brands will also showcase its sustainably made REPREVE apparel.

Posted September 21, 2021

Source: Unifi, Inc