Made With Quality: Thierry Henry Wears A Premium Take On Puma’s Classic Sportswear

HERZOGENAURACH, Germany — August 24, 2021 — MMQ, short for “Macht’s mit Qualität” translates to “Made with Quality.” This theme serves as the inspiration for elevated apparel and sneakers within the line. Ushering in a new era of subtlety and quality, this season of MMQ is inspired by minimal Scandinavian design sensibilities featuring expert craftsmanship and elevated construction. Streetwear classics are reinterpreted and refined for modern day in this classic collection.

The timelessness of the MMQ collection is the perfect fit for the legacy of Thierry Henry. The French football legend has become one of the two first players to be inducted into the Premier League’s Hall of Fame, and to this day, his name is synonymous with a distinctly European charm and elegance. He knows how to make a bold statement without shouting about it through his classic and refined style. The high-quality materials, muted tones, and contemporary fits used in the MMQ collection reflect the on and off pitch qualities of Thierry.

“Who is the judge, quality is what you like, quality is what you live for, quality is what represents you,” said Thierry Henry when asked what quality meant to him.

Product designs feature clean lines, muted colors, and elevated materials for a premium take on classic streetwear. Footwear is infused with a material mix including soft-touch textured suede in a color palette of neutrals with purple and orange accents. Styles are given a whole new look and feel for the MMQ collection, including classics like the Suede VTG, Easy Rider, Ralph Sampson, Slipstream Mid, and Suede Crepe as well as newer styles like the Suede Mayu, Mirage Sport, and Wild Rider.

The apparel is rooted in functionalism and honors the classics of street and sportswear while reinterpreting them for the modern minimalist. Hooded sweatshirts, pocket tees, and sweatpants are built upon not to make them different, but to make them better. Premium materials, minimalistic designs and a muted color palette make the apparel items fit seamlessly into any look.

Campaign images of Thierry Henry were shot by Danny Kasirye, a Ugandan-British photographer and director based between London and New York. He has recently broken out with a series of high-profile shoots, with a unique perspective on fashion photography, animated by his constant search for non-conformity and authenticity. As he does with all his subjects, Danny had Thierry turn the camera on him at the end for a few candid shots.

“It was incredible to work with Thierry, he was such a professional and so good at being in front of the camera,” said Danny. “The same confidence he displayed in front of the goal so many times. Being one of my favorite football players it was such an amazing day for me personally”

Add a refined touch to your look when the MMQ collection releases on August 26 on, PUMA stores and select retailers.

Posted August 24, 2021

Source: PUMA