Optitex Expands Its Fabric Management Offering With VIZOO And swatchbook

TEL AVIV, Israel — July 8, 2021 — Optitex® — a global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the fashion & apparel, automotive, and upholstery industries — is collaborating with VIZOO, a provider of the xTex U3M-compatible 3D fabric scanner, and swatchbook inc, a cloud-based digital materials platform. Partnerships with both vendors will enable Optitex customers to access and enjoy a rich variety of scanned materials, and create more realistic 3D garments, to share with their buyers and marketing channels, and in turn, make fabric management easier and more affordable.

The latest Optitex version, O/21, includes a host of newly digitized fabrics from VIZOO and swatchbook (downloadable via PDS 3D SamplePack), from ubiquitous suede, rib, knit, heather, and corduroy, to specialized materials, such as zipper backing, dry fit, birds eye mesh, leather snake, and laces. These materials are ready for use in Optitex PDS, bringing superior realism to digital garments. Moreover, the swatchbook-Optitex partnership gives users access to 70 additional real sourceable materials available for free download from a dedicated swatchbook-Optitex portal.

To further enrich their digital material library independently, users can deploy Optitex’s Material Converter to import additional VIZOO materials, and materials hosted on swatchbook to Optitex PDS, and expand their material range even more, with additional options for realistic 3D rendering. With the surge in e-commerce and digital workflow adoption that demands both high fidelity and accurate simulation, combined with appealing, eye-catching 3D rendering, Optitex uniquely offers the exact combination of both, plus its prime focus on highly-accurate garment simulation.

Amir Lehr, CEO of Optitex, said: “Our extended partnership with market leaders, VIZOO and swatchbook, brings concrete added value to our customers, enabling them to access a wide selection of digital fabrics in their virtual design prototypes to create impressive and reliable 3D rendering of fabrics. This is an integral part of Optitex’s recent and planned enhancements in our rendering infrastructure, to consistently give our customers the digital tools they need — from design to development and marketing, on every job.”

“We have witnessed an unprecedented demand for premium-quality digitized fabrics from global retailers and brands,” said Martin Semsch, founder and CEO of VIZOO. “Extending our close partnership with Optitex, will enable us to offer our accumulated experience and expertise to Optitex customers, allowing them to benefit from a rich materials library, and ultimately, boost the quality of their 3D rendering across the board.”

Yazan Malkosh, founder and CEO of swatchbook, said: “We are proud to partner with Optitex, and complement Optitex’s advanced digital design tools with a broader selection of digital fabrics and scanned materials coming directly from suppliers. Together, we can enrich the user experience for Optitex customers around the globe, and in turn, help them create exquisite, high-quality designs with real sourceable materials, rather than abstract shaders.”

Posted July 13, 2021

Source: Optitex