Jeanologia Join Forces With Cone Denim To Launch Mission Zero Goal

VALENCIA, Spain — April 14, 2021 — Jeanologia announces their Mission Zero goal and kicks off the first step in their “Road to Mission Zero.” In partnership with Cone Denim, the collection showcases authentic, sustainable options from fabric to finish. The collection will launch at the upcoming Kingspins 24 show.

Cone Denim and Jeanologia share common values and a vision to keep jeans as a symbol of the new rebels that want to protect the environment and the planet and be an inspiration to the whole textile industry.

Historically, blue jeans have always had a strong significance. They are a symbol of youth, rebellion and have even become the most democratic garment of them all. Unfortunately, their popularity and high acceptance have also brought about some undesirable consequences like excessive usage of water, chemicals, and energy that negatively impact the carbon footprint. That is why it is important to immediately bring together the efforts of all those involved to change denim production processes.

For Enrique Silla, CEO of Jeanologia: “We firmly believe that people and the planet come first and that is why we decided to embark on a very important mission: eliminate 100 percent of jeans wear waste from the fabric to the final garment by 2025. We believe a Mission Zero is possible and necessary.”

Mission Zero commitment is the 100-percent elimination of waste generated in Blue Jeans manufacturing and finishing from the fabric to the final garment, reducing water usage to near zero amounts and returning clean water back into Nature.

“This is the reason why we join forces with companies from our industry like Cone, that share these same values and vision,” Silla added.

“We are excited to partner with Jeanologia as we focus on building a sustainable future and minimizing our impact on natural resources,” said Steve Maggard, president, Cone Denim.  “One area of particular focus for us is water conservation, which is perfectly aligned to the Mission Zero goal. Cone currently uses Jeanologia’s G2 Ozone finishing ranges, lasers and Bluescan machinery.

Additionally, we are in the process of installing a Zero Liquid Discharge wastewater treatment system at our mill in Northern Mexico.  These investments will enable us to make significant advances towards Cone’s 2025 water usage reduction goal.”

Road to Mission Zero collection

Cone Denim Mills and Jeanologia will present the first Road to Mission Zero collection, on the Earth Day at Kingpins24, a collection where heritage, sustainability and innovation are present from the fabric to the finish.

Contributing to the goal of Mission Zero is a must, beginning with fabric. Cone Denim Flash Finish fabrics are produced on G2 Dynamic ozone finishing ranges and are the perfect fabric collaboration to include in the first road to Mission Zero collection. These fabrics are highly light-sensitive with great reaction to the eco-technologies and are an eco-efficient alternative for some of the most water-intensive and pollutant fabric finishing processes.

The collection has been developed across a full range of sustainable finishes, with a wide scale of wash levels, nice high and lows done with atmospheric finishing and keeping the authenticity of the traditional stone washed look. By integrating Jeanologia technologies and using them as part of the denim eco-system, we can eliminate highly inefficient and hazardous practices and create amazing denim and jeans without sacrificing denim’s authentic look and iconic soul

Posted April 14, 2021

Source: Jeanologia