Saitex Announces The Opening Of Saitex USA In Los Angeles

NEW YORK CITY — March 9, 2021 — Saitex announces the opening of its first facility outside its Vietnam birthplace. Saitex USA, located in the heart of the American denim industry in Los Angeles features state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with energy and resource-efficient machinery.

Recognized as the “Cleanest Denim Factory in the World,” Saitex has expanded its vision and capabilities globally, to produce locally in the US. Los Angeles has long been the denim hub of the United States, but change has been slow to come to the established brands and factories in the region. During the long months of the pandemic Saitex heavily invested in building the first-of-its-kind facility with the latest innovative laser cutting, semi-automated sewing, robotic spraying, 3D laser detailing, and futuristic one-step wash machines connected to a state-of-the-art water recycling system.

The hard work has resulted in the “Factory of the Future” an ever-evolving example of the manufacturer’s forward-thinking, meeting decades of denim-making expertise supported by the most dynamic approach to environmentally responsible apparel production.

The manufacturing technology implemented allows for an automated supply chain ecosystem at speed using interconnected ordering and costing with shorter lead times, giving the Los Angeles facility a competitive advantage. Through the use of its Cloud-based digital Platform as a Service (PaaS) Saitex’s Speed to Market™ system provides a conscious approach to inventory management and a trajectory towards “made to order” capabilities. Speed to Market™ offers online garment design, collaboration, and manufacturing custom garments at scale, sustainably, and fast.

“Saitex USA is another step in our journey, providing an opportunity to bring sustainable manufacturing and jobs to the United States, a first step in reevaluating and reinventing global supply chains,” said Sanjeev Bahl, CEO, and founder of Saitex.

The challenges of the pandemic did not stop Saitex from completing not only the LA factory but also continuing work on its state-of-the-art fabric mill in Vietnam enabling Saitex to create a unique, fully sustainable, vertical manufacturing system. With a team led by industry veteran Kathy Kweon, as USA president, the LA factory has recruited the best of the industry to work at Saitex in Los Angeles.

Posted March 9, 2021

Source: Saitex