Global Bonding And Adhesive Manufacturer Bemis Associates Shares Basics Of Bonding

Shirley, Mass. — February 16, 2021 — Bemis Associates Inc. — a manufacturer of thermoplastic films, tapes, and adhesives for bonding — recently hosted two webinars on the basics of bonding, its technology and application information.

Participants learned the origination of bonding; the importance of it and how to use bonding on materials such as fabric, metal and wood. Bemis’ experts shared insights about adhesives and how each is unique and engineered for different materials and performance requirements. The presentation also showed the differences between chemical and mechanical bonding; critical factors in adhesion and various machinery used in the processes.

The post-webinar survey responses indicated that participants really appreciated the demonstration given by the company’s strategic design manager Stephanie Lohman, and the fact that she showed live examples of half-bonded samples so participants could gain a clear understanding of what section of the application was Bemis and what section was the substrate. The survey also indicated that viewers liked hearing from three different company experts, all of whom spotlighted their individual field of expertise.

A total of 230 people attended the webinars from across the globe including Asia, Europe, and the United States. More than 77 brands were represented from 22 different countries. Feedback such as “I loved Stephanie’s overview of design suggestions of how to incorporate Bemis products into garments;” “I most enjoyed seeing examples of finished items using Bemis film;” and “I like how the process of selecting the right adhesive was explained. It will definitely help cut down on back and forth (with customers) emails in the future.”

“We’re so pleased to see the incredible response and high rate of participation to our webinar series,” said Scott Wood, director, Product and Marketing. “We have a subsequent webinar scheduled for the near future that will take a deeper dive into the more technical aspects of bonding,” Wood said.

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Posted February 16, 2021

Source: Bemis Associates Inc.