MISSION® Unveils New Line Of Multi-Layered Gaiters

HAWTHORNE, N.Y. — November 19, 2020 — Today, on the heels of the new CDC guidance for how to wear a gaiter as a face cover, wear a two-layer gaiter or fold up a gaiter to make two-layers, MISSION unveils its new line of patent-pending, multi-layered gaiters for men, women and children.

In the wake of this update from the CDC, MISSION just unveiled its new All-Season Adjustable Multi-Layered Gaiter and new Multi-Layered Youth Gaiter. The All-Season Adjustable Multi-Layered Gaiters feature VaporActive™ heat-release technology and include breathable, sweat-managing fabric that transfers moisture and excess heat away from your skin keeping you feeling fresh and dry all day long.

The new MISSION All-Season Multi-Layered Gaiters compliment a full portfolio of MISSION Single-Layer Gaiters, which were designed to fold up into two layers when needed as a face cover, and were highlighted as the #1 selling face covers on Amazon this summer.

The new MISSION All-Season Adjustable Multi-Layered Gaiter was recently studied by the University of Georgia to test the performance of gaiters in reducing the disbursement of respiratory droplets during speech. The results were astounding, showing the MISSION All-Season Adjustable Multi-Layered Gaiters can block up to 95-percent of respiratory droplets. The results from the University of Georgia study, which was supported by MISSION, were consistent with the findings of an earlier study by Virginia Tech which studied layered neck gaiters.

“Gaiters were put under scrutiny by a micro proof-of-concept study performed by Duke University that ultimately misinformed millions of Americans on the potential effectiveness of neck gaiters and has now been refuted and debunked by prominent University studies (University of Georgia and Virginia Tech),” said Chris Valletta, cofounder and general manager of MISSION. “Gaiters are the preferred choice over masks for fit and comfort, which means more people will wear them and comply with the need to stay covered. And, they’re perfect for kids because the stay around the neck and don’t get dropped or lost.”

After selling over 40 million units of MISSION Cooling accessories in over 20,000 stores across the US since 2012, MISSION has emerged as a pioneer and leader in temperature technologies for active consumers everywhere. Worn by professional, collegiate and high school teams around the country, MISSION has become one of the most sought-after brands in the last decade. The launch of the MISSION All-Season Adjustable Multi-Layered Gaiter is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to active consumers who deserve better technology, better protection, and better results.

The New MISSION Multi-Layered Gaiters are now available on MISSION.com as well as top retailers nationwide, including The Home Depot, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods and others.

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Posted November 20, 2020