H&M’S New Heat Up Tech With THERMOLITE® Is The Secret To Smart Seasonal Style

STOCKHOLM — November 5, 2020 — This season H&M introduces pieces that bring the smart solution to staying warm with great personal style. Heat Up Tech is a collection of men’s layering pieces using THERMOLITE®, a new lightweight technology for warmth without the bulk. It’s about the perfect pile and fleece designs for an urban street style look, as well as thermals as a base layer all season long. Heat Up Tech with Thermolite will drop at H&M stores worldwide, as well as at hm.com, on November 12.

“Innovation is at the heart of what we do with menswear at H&M. Heat Up Tech with Thermolite uses new technology for true functionality as well as that essential utilitarian look. These pieces will become the foundation of your cold weather wardrobe, whatever your personal style,” said Ross Lydon, head of Menswear Design at H&M

This season’s layered look is more than just about style: it’s also about the smartest ways to keep warm whatever the day brings. H&M has created Heat Up Tech with Thermolite to introduce the latest heat-retaining technologies to the everyday wardrobe.

Thermolite uses hollow fibers that trap warm air, creating an insulating layer. Those hollow fibers are crucial, resulting in a lightweight fabric that’s cuts out all the bulk. For H&M’s design team, it’s a chance to make the sharpest functional pieces that will become the foundation layer of the winter look.

Pile is a key texture for the season, like the pile zip-up vest in either off-white or olive green with a nylon chest pocket and neck trim. It’s a versatile piece that adds contrast and warmth to winter layering. There’s also a pile zip-up jacket, as well as a pile half-zip jacket, all with a turtleneck to help keep out the cold.

Fleece jackets and half-zip sweaters bring streamlined warmth and protection, while tapered leg joggers in cotton and Thermolite have toggles at the ankle to further keep in the warmth. Meanwhile thermal crewneck T-shirts, both long and short sleeve, and long johns are the essential base layer pieces at the core of the winter wardrobe.

Heat Up Tech will drop at H&M stores worldwide, as well as at hm.com, on November 12.

Posted November 6, 2020

Source: H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB