Gerber Technology Redefines The Future Of Advanced Manufacturing And Automation At First-Ever Virtual Ideation

NEW YORK CITY — November 20, 2020 — As COVID-19 continues to shape the way we shop, work and live, Gerber Technology welcomed more than 2,200 professionals from 90 different countries to its first-ever fully virtual and multilingual ideation event. During the three-day event, Gerber held individual tracks for the fashion & apparel, furniture, transportation, personal protective equipment (PPE) and sign & graphics industries to provide each attendee insights into the best practices, knowledge and technology they need to succeed in their specific industry.

“When a crisis comes, a company has two options, become reactive and wait for better times, or proactively support their customers and continue to make investments for long term success. We have continued to be very customer centric and have made strong investments in product and technology development across our platform which is already paying dividends,” said Mohit Uberoi, CEO of Gerber Technology, during the opening session. “We also continue to invest in our team through training and professional development, which will make them even stronger partners for our customers in the future.”

Following in the footsteps of its successful PPE Task Force initiative, Gerber recently announced a Digital Transformation initiative that would help customers identify where they are on their digital transformation journey and allow them to execute a roadmap for successful transformation. During this year’s ideation, Gerber built on this initiative by providing attendees with a complete outlook on each of their industries and offering valuable knowledge and tools that will enable them to accelerate their digital transformation.

The ideation event featured industry experts from around the world to discuss the state of the industry and how technology can help companies become more agile. Industry participants in sessions included Deborah Weinswig of Coresight Research, Sherri Barry of F.A.B.R.I.C, Kirby Best of OnPoint Manufacturing, Miguel Rodrigues of Pedrosa and Rodrigues, Thomas Delise of Bonneterie Chanteclair, Erin Berg of Flex2Communicate, Bob Phillips of Edgecombe Furniture, Bill McLoughlin of Furniture Today, and Roger Leonhardt of Bassett Furniture.

“Gerber’s ideation event today was terrific,” said Steve Lamar of AAFA. “Great presentations, wonderful exchange with the speakers. We are so proud that AAFA could be a part of it.”

ideation 2020 also marked the second annual Executive Forum which brought together more than 100 top executives across all industries. During the full-day event, executives gained valuable insight into the global economy, discussed trends for 2021, and engaged with a Thought Leadership Panel featuring Murray Pitts of Burlington Medical, Matthew Wallace of Project DXM, Whitney Cathcart of 3DLOOK, Stephen Lamar of AAFA, and Kim Glas of NCTO. The panel was moderated by The Interline’s Ben Hanson.

During the conference, Gerber also announced new partnerships with Alvanon and Embodee which will help streamline product development and empower companies to deliver their products to market faster than ever before by integrating eCommerce and final product delivery.

“We are happy to announce that Embodee and Gerber Technology have partnered to provide their customers with an easy way to work on product development online,” announced Ben Sosinski, vice president of Product at Embodee. “Users can now create their products in AccuMark® 3D and extend their use in the Orchids web platform where they can easily create their product variants and assortments as well as prepare for merchandising and e-commerce connections. Create, refine, present, and sell your products faster using the power of AccuMark 3D and Embodee!”

This year’s ideation conference was co-sponsored by Kornit Digital, Coresight Research, 3DLOOK, Colorkarma, Elevate Textiles, WhichPLM, Pointcarre, NCTO, Alvanon, SPESA and AAFA.

Posted November 20, 2020

Source: Gerber Technology