Deckers Division Sanuk Continues To Innovate And Lighten Footprint On Planet With Launch Of Second Sustainasole™ Collection

GOLETA, Calif. — November 12, 2020 — Sanuk, a division of Deckers Brands, today announced the second iteration of its most eco-minded innovation, the SustainaSole collection. Launched on the heels of the brand’s July 2020 debut of the SustainaSole line, the second collection is comprised of 55-percent total recycled material by weight. This launch serves as a significant milestone for Sanuk’s continued pioneering and innovation in creating more sustainable footwear. The new SustainaSole styles are vegan and available in the women’s slip-on Donna style, as well as the men’s slip-on Skuner style — a new addition to this collection. Both shoes retail for $65.

Total Recycled Content

Continuing on their mission to protect happy places, Sanuk again partnered with BLUMAKA for the launch of SustainaSole to divert foam waste and turn it into quality, comfortable and sustainable shoes, addressing the footwear industry’s heavy, waste-generating reliance on virgin foams to provide a soft cushiony feeling. Instead of sending foam scrap to the landfill during the manufacturing process, Sanuk and BLUMAKA were able to collect the scrap, grind it into smaller pieces and use it to create a cushy, durable filler for shoe soles. Beyond the foam content, the textile uppers are made with 100-percent recycled GRS Certified Fibers, including recycled PET fibers, recycled cotton fibers and recycled polyester fibers.

Undyed Uppers

New to this SustainaSole collection, these styles feature undyed uppers, an intentional decision to save both water and energy. The undyed upper saved more than 200,000 total gallons of water — 115 gallons per men’s Skuner model and 76 gallons per women’s Donna model. By skipping the dyeing process on the upper, Sanuk was also able to reduce greenhouse gas impact by nearly three pounds per men’s Skuner model and nearly two pounds per women’s Donna model.

Machine Washable

Similar to the brand’s best-selling silhouettes, both of these new styles are machine washable, so consumers can extend the life of their eco-minded footwear, acknowledging that sustainability does not just come from sustainable materials, but also a product that is built to last and work for years to come. With an emphasis on durability and elevated materials, Sanuk is continuously dedicated to designing long-lasting and comfortable footwear that positively contributes to the fashion industry’s environmental footprint.

“Sanuk is committed to seeking new materials and processes to create more sustainable products,” said Erik Ecklund, general manager at Sanuk. “These shoes mark a big step forward in our journey — and in the footwear industry — toward sustainable innovation.”

“While this SustainaSole collection is our most eco-minded endeavor to date, this line also delivers a heavy dose of comfort and versatility,” said Seth Pulford, Director of Marketing at Sanuk. “We’re proud to give stylish new life to things that would otherwise be discarded. Wearing rubbish never looked or felt so good.”

Here is the full list of SustainaSole materials and “shoe-trition” facts:

  • Overall: 55-percent recycled content by eeight;
  • Upper: 100-percent recycled GRS Certified Fibers (65-percent recycled cotton/35-percent recycled PET);
  • Upper Lining: 100-percent recycled polyester (GRS Certified Fiber);
  • Woven Label: 100-percent recycled polyester (GRS Certified Fiber);
  • Sockliner Lining: 100-percent recycled polyester (GRS Certified Fiber);
  • Sockliner: 85-percent recycled PU Foam and 15-percent virgin material;
  • Bottom Unit: Features BLUMAKA’s patented technology, consisting of 35-percent recycled foam content by weight and 75-percent by volume; and
  • Non-recycled materials include: stitching, gore, reinforcements, PU binding agent and TPU.

In addition to the launch of the new SustainaSole styles, Sanuk is dedicated to lightening their environmental footprint with their use of sustainable hemp, sustainable leather and other recycled materials, in alignment with Deckers Brands’ commitment to creating a better tomorrow. Recently ranked on Investor’s Business Daily’s Best ESG Companies list, Deckers Brands is continually integrating sustainable business practices and socially conscious operations across all brands. A thorough review of Deckers’ corporate social responsibility initiatives can be found at

Posted November 12, 2020

Source: Sanuk