Strafe Launches Cham Jacket And Pant For F20, Featuring Schoeller’s Electrostatic-Spun Membrane

SEVELEN, Switzerland/NEWBURYPORT, Mass. — September 23, 2020 — Schoeller, the global textile solutions manufacturer dedicated to innovation for more than 150 years, continues to see interest in its electrostatic-spun membrane technology aerobrane with the launch of Strafe’s Cham Jacket and Pant for F20. Now available on, the Cham F20 kit offers consumers aerobrane’s optimum protection against wind and weather along with exceptional breathability, perfect for high-intensity endeavors.

The aerobrane membrane consists of a unique structure of ultra-fine, hydrophilic polyurethane fiber composite that differs from other film-based membranes and offers a softer feel and beautiful, fluid textile characteristics.

“We found the Schoeller aerobrane technology to be the perfect 3L fabric replacement for our new ski touring kit, which is intended to be used during high-intensity mountain activities. The material needed to be able to hold up to varying weather conditions while still being highly air-permeable, super light and packable, durable, and stretchy,” said Pia Halloran, head of design and development for Strafe.  “Working with a world renowned, innovative, and respected partner like Schoeller has been a great experience, and we look forward to more collaborations in the future.”

To produce an electrostatic spun membrane, ultra-light, microscopic fibers are placed closely on top of each other, forming a clustered but firmly connected structure that can only be detected with the highest-level microscope technology.  The membrane’s fibrous structure provides exceptional breathability while also allowing for ventilation. Aerobrane features water-resistant qualities, as water droplets on the exterior are larger than the spaces between the fibrous structures; however, the fiber structures also create an exceptional wind barrier.

“Having admired Strafe over the years, we couldn’t be prouder to work with this authentic and passionate team that is beyond committed to what they’re doing,” said Stephen Kerns, president, Schoeller North America. “Because they are living the same experiences as the outdoor enthusiasts and athletes they’re serving each day, they fully understand the importance of utilizing only the best materials, which also sets them apart.”

Designed for touring and backcountry adventures, Strafe’s Cham Jacket has been a staff and athlete favorite for many years. Now with aerobrane membrane technology and four-way stretch face, the Cham is Strafe’s most air-permeable jacket to date. The new and improved Cham Pant with aerobrane features a minimalist design that includes a lower cuff snap adjustment system to accommodate all boot types and allows for fabric retention to avoid damage while ascending with crampons.

Posted September 23, 2020

Source: Schoeller Textil AG