Gerber MCT Cutter Empowers Colorwave Graphics To Transform During COVID-19 Pandemic

NEW YORK CITY — September 11, 2020 — As COVID-19 cancelled in-person events, sign & graphics companies were forced to develop new revenue streams in order to stay afloat. Colorwave Graphics was able to expand their business through a quick and seamless transition to producing personal protective equipment (PPE) by leveraging the Gerber MCT Cutter. Colorwave was able to develop signage for social distancing, sneeze guards and even a temporary hospital bed made from 100-percent recyclable material. Additionally, the versatile solution empowers the Illinois-based signage producer to greatly improve their speed and throughput, enabling them to cut 2-up gang banners in just 20 seconds, which normally would have taken 40 hours manually.

“The pandemic has further highlighted the need for versatility in the sign & graphics space,” said Pete Doscas, vice president and general manager, Americas Sales & Service Delivery of Gerber Technology. “Since Colorwave was already leveraging a versatile solution that enables them to create and produce a variety of projects, they were able to quickly expand their business for PPE without falling behind.”

Colorwave saw an immediate improvement in its production process when they integrated the Gerber MCT Cutter into its supply chain last year. It was able to handle multiple projects at once and take on new projects that it previously wasn’t able to, all while improving throughput, reducing operator error and shortening time to market. With the Gerber MCT Cutter, the industry’s most versatile solution, Colorwave was able to create 800 banners as 2-up gangs in just four hours. It cut each gang banner in 20 seconds, which normally would have taken their team 40-plus hours to cut by hand.

“Having the ability to run multiple projects, all with unique cutting and routing processes, was a major game changer for us,“ said Mike Lombardo, Colorwave Graphics. “Not only were we able to take on new projects but we were also able to dramatically increase our throughput.”

To optimize its supply chain even further, Colorwave also utilized Gerber’s advanced, remote service and support solutions. Gerber professionals were able to remotely access Colorwave’s TigerVision™ software and resolve complex issues quickly to get the company back up and running within minutes.

Posted September 11, 2020

Source: Gerber Technology