Optitex Partners With Daz3D

TEL AVIVI, Israel — July 1, 2020 – Optitex®, a global provider of integrated end-to-end 2D & 3D CAD/CAM software solutions for the fashion and apparel industry, today announced its integration with Daz3D, a renowned 3D character and avatar software suite and digital marketplace. This partnership will provide Optitex 3D users access to Daz3D’s 5 million smart-content assets, including top-of-the-line 3D characters, enabling them to showcase and share visually appealing collections with teams, buyers, vendors, and marketers.

Daz3D’s digital marketplace offers hobbyists and professionals tens of thousands of 3D products with millions of inter-compatible 3D assets allowing users to make photo-realistic characters.

Optitex customers over the world benefit from a rich suite of avatars, including scanned avatars. Powered by a robust avatar editor, users can customize avatars to meet their needs, easily adjusting morphs, adding accessories, and visualizing garments in various sizes and poses.

Acknowledging the growing need for fashion and apparel companies to market and sell online, Optitex looked to expand its avatar range and creative freedom and sought after a strong avatar provider who would enable designers to showcase digital garments on advanced, high-end detailed avatars, to management, buyers, and online consumers.

Recognized over the world for its cutting-edge avatars and complementary assets, Daz3D was the perfect fit. With the latest Optitex version O/19.5 released at end of March 2020, Optitex customers are able to use Daz3D avatars directly within Optitex pattern making solution. This enables them to deliver exceptional high-quality, high-precision digital garments to all stakeholders in the supply chain, strengthening their commitment to the 3D ecosystem, and further supporting sustainability by creating true-to-life models and garments.

“We are pleased to be the solution of choice for Optitex customers, giving them the content they need to impressively exhibit their digital garment designs,” said Daz3D Chief Revenue Officer Steve Spencer. “We believe that our 3D avatars — real-life-like models, matched with our rich library of associated content, will give Optitex customers measurable added-value, helping to make their design process fast, easy, and even more realistic.”

Amit Ben-Sheffer, vice president, products, at Optitex, commented: “We believe in giving our customers a real competitive edge, to help them achieve and maintain their leading positions in the fashion industry. With Daz3D avatars as part of the design process, we’re putting our customers one step ahead of the competition, so they can easily mix, match, blend and transform their designs into attractive, true-to-life garments. Daz3D has helped enhanced our solutions offering today, and we’re excited to see what the future will bring to our customers.”

Posted July 7, 2020

Source: Optitex