Accel Lifestyle Aims To Keep Children Protected From COVID-19 Using Proprietary Prema® Fabric To Manufacture Face Masks For Children

HOUSTON, Texas — June 24, 2020 — When the pandemic first began months ago, Accel Lifestyle pivoted and began making masks for healthcare workers and the public. Now, as states start to open back up, families start to host barbecues, camps start to open and children start playing sports again, Accel Lifestyle wants to make sure each and every child is protected and safe. To that end, the apparel company is now manufacturing masks sized perfectly for children.

Just like the Accel Lifestyle Adult Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Mask, the child-sized masks are made with Accel Lifestyle’s exclusive, anti-bacterial Prema fabric. The masks are washable, breathable, soft and reusable – perfect for children who may resist having to wear something on their face. The CDC recommends face coverings for children two years old and up. Accel Lifestyle’s Children’s Prema Anti-Bacterial Face Masks fit a large range of ages and can be adjusted to fit secure and snug.

“We have had many friends, family and customers purchase the adult Prema masks for their children and adjust them to make them smaller. We wanted to create a better option to fit a child’s face, all while providing extra protection against the virus,” said Accel Lifestyle Founder and CEO Megan Eddings. “We feel so fortunate to be able to provide a product that not only provides an additional layer of safety and health, but also a product  that is soft, comfortable against the skin and 100 percent made right here in the USA.”

In addition to coming in black and white, Accel Lifestyle’s Children’s Prema Anti-Bacterial Face Masks are also available with fun designs kids will love — including a unicorn or rocket ship. Since it appears as though masks will be required for the foreseeable future, schools, children’s hospitals or other companies can also order customized masks with their logos. For added safety and breathability, the designs are applied with a water-based heat transfer and not screen printing.

“Not only are our masks safe because they’re anti-bacterial, but even the inks we use for the graphics are water-based and safe for breathability,” Eddings said.

Prema fabric was developed by Eddings. It uses a proprietary blend of silver-poly fibers woven with Supima®, the finest cotton in the world. It has undergone years of development and testing — focusing primarily on Gram-negative and Gram-positive
bacteria. Even after 100 washes, tests have shown a 99.38-percent reduction rate of
Staphylococcus aureus and a colony reduction rate of 97.44-percent of Klebsiella pneumoniae.

While initially intended to be a non-stink fabric for athletic wear, Eddings’ creation — due to its antimicrobial properties — has proven to be popular with cancer patients and others with compromised immune systems. Now, in the wake of the pandemic, Accel Lifestyle has sold over 290,000 Adult Prema® Anti-Bacterial Face Masks, including to the US Navy, Navy SEALs, Marines, hospitals, universities, and nursing homes.

“When I think of how many people may have been spared the devastating effects of COVID-19 due to our Prema® anti-bacterial face masks, I’m overcome with emotion,” Eddings said. “Our staff has been working around the clock for months, and I could not be any more proud of the positive impact we are making in the world.”

Posted June 30, 2020

Source: Accel Lifestyle