Canada Goose Launches Sustainable Impact Strategy And Commits To Carbon Neutrality By 2025

TORONTO — April 22, 2020 — Today, Canada Goose launched its Sustainable Impact Strategy outlined in the company’s first-ever Sustainability Report. Driven by its long-standing commitment to keep the planet cool and the people on it warm, the accelerated strategy includes tangible commitments supporting four key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.

As part of its Sustainable Impact Strategy, Canada Goose outlines key commitments:

  • Carbon Neutrality: Net zero direct and indirect (Scope 1 and 2) greenhouse gas emissions by 2025, through aggressive and tangible action plans which aim to reduce emissions by more than 80 per cent from current levels.
  • Reclaimed Fur: In 2022, Canada Goose plans to introduce reclaimed fur into its supply chain, which includes beginning to manufacture parkas using reclaimed fur and ending the purchasing of new fur. The company also plans to launch a consumer buy-back program for fur in the months ahead.
  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS): In 2019, in partnership with Textile Exchange, the company completed third-party compliance audits at 100 per cent of its manufacturing facilities and commits to being 100 per cent RDS-certified by 2021.
  • bluesign®: Commit to reach 90 per cent of Canada Goose fabrics as bluesign® approved for responsible and sustainable practices by 2025, increasing from 32 per cent in 2019.
  • Plastic-Free: Eliminating single-use plastics in all Canada Goose owned or controlled facilities.

Sustainability has been a foundational part of the Canada Goose business model for more than 60 years, starting with its unwavering commitment to making best-in-class products using highest quality materials and craftsmanship. The company’s 2019 Sustainability Report marks its first step in measuring and publishing its global environmental and social impact, and new and ongoing commitments in support of four key UN SDGs.

The inaugural report also highlights the company’s long-standing global citizenship initiatives including its Polar Bears International (PBI) collection, the Canada Goose Resource Centres Program and Project Atigi, all aimed at supporting Canada’s Northern communities. As well, the report details innovative employee-driven sustainability initiatives, giving programs, and impactful commitments to reduce its environmental footprint and transform operations.

“We have always believed in building a business that is good for our team, for the communities we’re a part of and for the planet, for generations to come,” said Dani Reiss, president and CEO, Canada Goose. “No matter how much we’ve done over the last 60 years, we need to do more – the world can’t wait. Our aggressive commitments outlined in our first Sustainability Report are the steps we’re taking to transform the way we do business and ensure we are doing everything we can to create the future we want to see.”

As part of its accelerated Sustainable Impact Strategy, Canada Goose also announced it achieved carbon neutrality as of March 2020 through investments in strategic offsetting projects, equivalent to 200 percent of its annual greenhouse gas emissions. The company will continue to offset at this level as it continues to transform business operations to achieve its 80 per cent emissions reduction targets by 2025.

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Posted April 22, 2020

Source: Canada Goose