Delta Galil Granted Patent

Israel-based Delta Galil Industries Ltd. recently was issued U.S. patent 10,212,977 B2 for its Touch&Go™ hook and eye bra accessory. The Touch&Go hook and eye components are flat, wide hooks that slide easily into one another allowing the hook and eye to easily click together. According to the company, this ease of connection means the wearer does not have to search for the connecting piece. Touch&Go is suitable for all kinds of bras, but is especially well-suited for sports bras.

“We’re very pleased to have been granted this patent in the United States,” said Isaac Dabah, Delta Galil’s CEO. “While we’re confident this simple technology will prove incredibly popular, we’re also mindful of the investment of time, research and development that went into perfecting it., and so are grateful to be able to protect our intellectual property.”

January/February 2020