Elevenate Reaches New Heights With Gerber Technology’s YuniquePLM®

TOLLAND, Conn. — October 15, 2019 — Elevenate, a high-quality performance gear company from Sweden, has joined forces with ACG Nyström and Gerber Technology. This exciting partnership will allow the outdoor performance brand to implement Gerber’s easy-to-use product lifecycle management solution, YuniquePLM, in order to gain more control over their supply chain and further streamline their processes to meet increasing customer demand.

Gerber Technology, the global leader in flexible material and fashion technology, empowers their customer base by providing them with integrated technology solutions that will allow them to scale the highest peaks of the on-demand market.

Elevenate is a global brand with pure adventure in its DNA, and deep roots in Swedish mountain culture. Founded in 2010 in Åre, the skiing capital of Scandinavia, Elevenate successfully proved the concept of in-house product development and pattern design with Gerber’s AccuMark® CAD software, as well as quality-controlled manufacturing with carefully selected partners, who also use AccuMark CAD software. Known the world over as a premium performance and casual wear brand dedicated to providing the market with sustainable, quality clothes built to last, Elevenate believes that mountain culture is a state of mind, thus redefining the boundaries of their product offerings with innovative production techniques extended to product offerings even outside of the mountain habitat.

For Elevenate to bring their brand to new heights, they needed a solution that would streamline their design and development process, and also allow them to keep up with increasingly challenging demands. With YuniquePLM, Elevenate is able to gain greater insight into their supply chain, reduce errors, and decrease their time to market through enhanced integration with the other pieces of their workflow.

“Implementing cloud-based YuniquePLM is a huge step towards making our business more streamlined and agile,” said Tim Larsson, project manager at Elevenate. “Gerber is a leader within the textile industry and constantly updating their products to ensure their customers always have the latest tools at their fingertips, which is crucial not just for our success, but also to enable sustainability in the current and future consumer climate.”

Gerber’s cloud-based YuniquePLM allows for easy management of the entire supply chain — from design, all the way through to production. With cloud capabilities, users can gain valuable insight into their workflow and easily communicate with their team members from anywhere in the world. The easy-to-use product lifecycle management system provides a single source of the truth by consolidating data, designs, and 3D samples into one place, making it easily accessible for every member of the team.

YuniquePLM is part of Gerber’s innovative end-to-end solution, meaning it can seamlessly integrate with their full suite of industry-leading software solutions, such as AccuMark CAD. Additionally, YuniquePLM integrates with many commonly used industry applications, such as Adobe® Illustrator® and True Fit®. YuniquePLM’s powerful integrations eliminate bottlenecks by allowing users to quickly pass data to their favorite applications, all without having to leave the PLM solution. For Elevenate, the powerful Adobe Plug-In will help to reduce their time-to-market by allowing users to upload their designs and make changes directly within YuniquePLM.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Elevenate into our family,” said Michael Lock, vice president of Gerber’s Global Software Business. “In listening to the current issues the Elevenate business has in their product design process, we are convinced YuniquePLM will truly help them compete and win in the ever-changing consumer climate”, added Per-Martin Dahlqvist, business area manager at Gerber partner ACG.

Posted October 16, 2019

Source: Gerber Technology