Gerber Pushes End-To-End Integrated Platform To The Next Level With New AccuMark® 2D/3D Release

TOLLAND, Conn. — September 24, 2019 — Gerber Technology pushes boundaries of innovation with a single, unique platform that fully connects the supply chain from design to production leveraging 2D/3D CAD, PLM and Industry 4.0 enabled Smart Machines. With the release of AccuMark 12.2, which has more than 46,000 users worldwide, the 50-year-old pioneer will solidify its position as the leading end-to-end platform by effectively streamlining the workflow through the ability to increase productivity, identify fit issues, and decrease the lead time from an average of 57 weeks to as little as a few days. This covers not only the area of digital product development but also the connection to both mass automated and on-demand production.

“A seamlessly integrated platform will allow users to not only see pretty pictures but be able to produce garments right away, drastically reducing the development cycle times,” said Mary McFadden, vice president of CAD Product Management at Gerber Technology. “Our customers can use their own patterns to simulate in 3D, make as many fit adjustments as needed without having to use any DXF, which is a real game changer. With 12.2, we’ve added required features that are going to strengthen the connection with not only YuniquePLM® and our Smart Machines, but also with digital printers, enabling our customers to meet every challenge.”

“Our integrated platform uniquely offers the flexibility, speed, and agility that our customers need now in order to compete and thrive,” said Karsten Newbury, chief digital strategy officer, Gerber Technology. “Our focus is singularly on the success of our customers so they can tackle the burning topics in the industry including fit, sustainability, and the need for personalization. This requires a tightly-integrated data solution. We’re continuing our aggressive roadmap with the release of AccuMark 12.2, which is going to add great value to our end-to-end platform.”

AccuMark 12.2 has been designed to fully empower the industry by enhancing Gerber’s end-to-end platform through an improved digital print workflow, several new 3D capabilities that will improve fit assessment, and offer better communication among partners and team members.

AccuMark 3D 12.2 also includes major improvements in 3D simulations. Our integrated 2D/3D solution provides the most efficient workflow for validating patterns during fit and style development. Patternmakers can seamlessly simulate patterns while making pattern corrections, even on graded sizes.

In order to combat the need for on-demand, personalized products, many companies are starting to leverage digital printing. AccuMark 12.2 offers new enhancements that will improve the digital printing process including the ability to apply barcodes and QR codes to seam allowances and PDF image option that supports spot colors.

The latest installment of the industry-leading CAD solution will also feature major updates to their cut planning software, AccuPlan™, which will further enable their customers to take on the challenges of mass production. AccuPlan 12.2 not only makes it simple to get a precise cut but, when combined with Gerber’s powerful nesting software, AccuNest™, is able to drastically reduce costs and material waste.

“Our pre-press process is at least five times more productive than it was before the AccuMark digital print workflow and we’ve gained, on average, 15 percent yield using marker making to layout the pieces for the print file,” said Jon Hickson of Digital Performance Gear. “Our art team will be twice as efficient with 12.2 since they won’t have to wait for simulations to finish every time they want to send out a concept with different art.”

With AccuMark 12.2, users will be able to:

  • Reduce time spent grading by 50% with the ability to grade proportionally.
  • Double their productivity when adding notches by using the Double Notch and Notch All Positioned functions.
  • Increase their development speed up to 5 times faster and see a 15% fabric savings when using the AccuMark digital print development workflow.

Those interested can learn all about the new features and functionalities in AccuMark 12.2 by attending Gerber’s annual ideation conference in NYC October 23-25.

Posted September 24, 2019

Source: Gerber Technology