Accel Lifestyle Launches Ethical & Eco-Friendly Anti-Stink Activewear

HOUSTON, Texas — August 20, 2019 — Revolutionizing activewear for men and women, Accel Lifestyle is proud to announce the launch of anti-stink apparel for people who live actively, conscientiously and are always on the go.

Accel Lifestyle’s apparel is anti-stink and pro-environment. Even more revolutionary, this anti-stink apparel is also eco-friendly and encourages a wear more, wash less practice. The average American throws away 85 pounds of textiles a year, contributing to the landfill epidemic. Because their shirts are anti-stink, people will be less inclined to throw them away. Accel also uses sustainable fabric, minimizing the use of microplastics. Beyond sustainable fabric, they focus on sustainable packaging too — ditching plastic and providing 100-percent biodegradable packaging. Accel Lifestyle is more than just fitness apparel, they have created a movement for positive change.

The Accel tees and tanks are soft, lightweight, high-performance staples that will become your new favorite shirt. Available in six different styles, Accel’s tanks and tees are made with Supima®, the world’s finest cotton, and enhanced with a good dose of powerful anti-stink science woven into each thread of their proprietary Prema™ fabric. The tees and tanks are made to wear more and wash less, providing breathable stink-free comfort day in and day out.

AccelGroupPhotoAccel Lifestyle was created by a creative chemist who was tired of throwing away her athletic wear because it stunk, no matter how much it was washed. While searching for anti-stink clothing, she was underwhelmed by the choices — finding products were either covered in chemicals or made in sweatshops overseas. Concluding neither was an option, she decided to invent her own fabric. She hit the lab and after more than two years of rigorous antimicrobial testing, using the same lab the government uses, she developed Prema fabric – which is now patent pending in 120 countries, 100-percent sourced and made in the USA (NO sweatshops!).

“I founded Accel Lifestyle because, even though there are so many fitness apparel companies today, none of them hit all the boxes on my checklist. I wanted to support a fashionable fitness apparel company that has an ethical supply chain (no sweatshops), and a fabric that doesn’t smell. What did I find? Absolutely nothing. And, I wanted to change that,” said Founder and CEO Megan Eddings. “With my science background and experience working in science labs at University of Virginia and Brown University, it took 2.5 years to create the fabric from scratch, using the most luxurious threads available and a trade secret protected science.”

Posted August 20, 2019

Source: Accel Lifestyle