YKK Announces Environmental Vision 2050

MARIETTA, Ga. — July 10, 2019 — YKK Corp. announced its new YKK Group Environmental Vision 2050, “Towards a brighter future for nature and humanity,” in response to the great need for environmental actions on a global scale. The Environmental Vision defines the long-term direction for environmental initiatives that the entire YKK Group must take in order to realize a higher level of environmental management.

The issues identified in the Environmental Vision were gathered during multiple workshops conducted with employees as well as from the results of an employee survey conducted in YKK’s six global regions. In this way, the Environmental Vision reflects the ideas and opinions of the employees who will be the main driving force behind YKK Group’s future activities.

The Environmental Vision will go into effect in April 2021. YKK plans to implement the Environmental Vision at the individual company level by establishing environmental principles and numerical targets locally.

YKK Group Environmental Vision 2050: “Towards a brighter future for nature and humanity”

Responding to climate change

The climate change that is occurring on a global scale has become a serious problem for all organisms living on Earth. Considering it our responsibility as a member of society to take actions to mitigate this problem, the YKK Group is striving to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, including CO2, and adapt to climate change.

Sustainable use of water

While water is an essential resource for sustaining life and all types of industry, the amount and quality available vary widely depending on the country and region. For those of us who aim for prosperous coexistence with society, joining our communities in sustainably utilizing water resources is essential. Therefore, we are taking actions such as cutting back the volume of water intake and reducing the environmental load in waste water.

Utilization of resources

Since the YKK Group manufactures many products, including zippers and windows, various types of resources that constitute raw materials are essential for us. To ensure that we will be able to stably continue supplying our products well into the future, we are acting to maximize effective utilization of non-renewable resources, and also taking initiatives to recycle the waste materials generated throughout the entire life cycle of our products.

Symbiosis with nature

Nature provides resources essential to an affluent lifestyle, such as a stable atmosphere, clean water, and healthy food, and gives us places for recreation. To leave the possibility of an affluent lifestyle for the generations to come, we are engaged in activities to protect the natural environment and reduce our environmental impact.

Formulation Process and Future Expansion

  • Opinion exchange with management (June 2018)
  • Employee-led workshops and surveys (October and November 2018)
  • YKK Environmental Policy Committee established (January 2019)
  • Review by management and vision formulation (April 2019)
  • Establishment of environmental principles/goals at each YKK company (through FY2020)
  • Execution of environmental principles and achievement of goals (starting in FY2021).

Posted July 10, 2019

Source: YKK Corp. Of America