Scott Eastwood Partners With Dane Chapin To Create “Made Here,” An E-Commerce Brand Offering Products That Celebrate The American Worker

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — July 3, 2019 — Scott Eastwood, American actor and advocate, and Dane Chapin, entrepreneur, announce the launch of Made Here, their new American-made brand. The company is set to launch with product August 2019 and will initially feature T-shirts, boxers, socks, hats and other signature accessories in both men’s and women’s sizes.

With its mission to proudly and distinctly celebrate the American worker, the Made Here team has set out to create products across a multitude of categories. The quality and workmanship in each product reflects the strength, skill, experience and innovation of the American people.

From developing the heart of the brand, to the conceptualization and implementation of the product designs, Eastwood, Chapin and the Made Here team source and manufacture products that are all made exclusively in American factories. Each finished product tells one of the many stories of the workers who brought it to life.

“For hundreds of years, ‘American-made’ has been synonymous with high quality,” Eastwood said. “It’s all the hard-working folks across the country that make our brand possible. I want to honor the iconic heritage of American manufacturing and let people know it’s very much alive and well. The essence of Made Here is really very simple: it’s to celebrate the excellence of the American worker.”

Purchasers of Made Here products will know that they are proudly standing behind the American workers who showcase the best of what America has to offer.

“It’s a privilege to partner with Scott to bring Made Here to life,” Chapin said. “It’s been extremely rewarding to work with him alongside the individuals and factories across the country who share our vision and passion for this exciting new brand.”

The products will be available on the brand’s website: starting August 2019. In the meantime, consumers can sign up to receive 10 percent off on launch day.

Posted July 3, 2019

Source: Made Here