StudioSuits Launches 3D, Real-Time Suit Configurator For Custom Suit Design

NEW YORK — June 26, 2019 — StudioSuits, a provider of fine-tailored men’s clothing, has introduced a new online suit configurator. The browser-based application allows men to completely customize their suit, providing an authentic 3D rendering in real-time. The application can be found on the StudioSuits website.

The suit configurator makes designing a custom, hand-tailored suit simple. Users can sort by fabric, color, pattern and price, displaying materials available for the creation of their suit. The configurator offers options for more than a dozen different fabrics, numerous colors and six patterns, including solids, stripes, plaid, houndstooth and more. There are more than 500 total combinations available.

After choosing fabric, color and pattern, users are able to continue customizing their suit with virtually limitless options. Tailoring options span the jacket, pants and stitching, including button styles, lining material, pocket style, monogramming, stitching accents and dozens more. Customization options are virtually limitless!

Every option selected is displayed instantly by the suit configurator, allowing discernable shoppers to see exactly what their custom suit looks like. Options can be easily added and removed for quick personalization.

“This is a really powerful tool that we’re proud to be able to offer our gentlemen shoppers,” said Harry Fashion, founder of StudioSuits. “It’s very easy to go in and design a suit using our customization options, then see what that suit looks like as a double-breasted option or with peak lapels. It’s much easier and more convenient than looking through tailoring diagrams or buying off the rack and tailoring after.”

The true convenience of StudioSuits’ suit configurator is that the final design can instantly be added to the shopper’s cart and purchased as-is, totally customized. StudioSuits will hand-tailor the suit based on the customers’ design and measurements, delivering a truly one-of-a-kind suit of the highest caliber.

To learn more about StudioSuits and its new suit configurator, or to view the company’s selection of fine, handcrafted suits, visit

StudioSuits is part of a strong tradition of excellence, using only the very best fabrics and proven Italian tailoring techniques. Its parent company has been featured in Oprah magazine, InStyle, the Tampa Tribune and various other prominent publications. The company also offers an easy-to-use ordering system that allows customers to input their measurements and order quickly, and will ship items to anywhere in the world.

Posted June 26, 2019

Source: StudioSuits