My Size Announces Updates To MySizeID Apparel Measurement Solution To Target The Multi-Billion Dollar Bra Market

AIRPORT CITY, Israel — May 21, 2019 — My Size Inc., the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, today announced it is adding functionality to MySizeID, its smart measurement application for online retail, that will enable consumers to accurately measure their bra and cup size when shopping for undergarments and lingerie. The bra measurement feature, which was piloted by leading retailers in the United States and Europe, is scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2019.

Research shows that 80 percent of consumers wear the wrong size bra: 70 percent wear bras that are too small while 10 percent wear bras that are too large. Bra-size measurement should be done over the top of a well-fitted, unpadded, thin bra, but accuracy can be affected by each individual’s own breathing, posture, and overall body size. Inconsistent and varied sizing charts across manufacturers — a problem that persists throughout the apparel industry — also causes issues with making the correct fitting purchase.

The global bra market is expected to exceed $34 billion by 2026. E-commerce retailers are one of the most popular bra shopping destinations, now capturing 25 percent of all bra sales. New insights in to bra sizing indicate that there is significant growth opportunity, especially within the full-figure and plus size markets.

“One thing we’ve learned through feedback from both consumers and retailers is that a bra is one of the most difficult items to buy online, particularly at a retailer you have not shopped at before. More often than not, consumers are forced to guess their size or purchase the size they have bought from a different retailer, both of which generally end up in an incorrectly sized purchase and an item return,” said Ronen Luzon, CEO of My Size. “With the new feature we’ve built in to MySizeID, consumers will be able to simply — and privately — get their correct band and cup size, and then sync those measurements to the preferred retailer to receive an accurate size suggestion before purchase.”

The MySizeID app is a turnkey solution that helps any online shopper choose the appropriate apparel size for that specific brand, based on the shopper’s real-time body measurements. My Size’s innovative technology enables consumers to measure themselves once using their smartphone and then be matched with a brand-specific apparel item in their size.

Posted May 21, 2019

Source: My Size Inc.