Impactiva Taps Gribbin As Chief Engagement Officer

MIAMI, Fla. — May 2, 2019 — Impactiva, a quality assurance and supply chain solutions provider for the apparel, footwear and accessories sectors, today announced the appointment of industry veteran Ed Gribbin as chief engagement officer. In this newly created role, Gribbin will lead Impactiva’s global business development team and work with brands, retailers and manufacturers globally in the areas of quality optimization, continuous improvement and supply chain innovation.

“During this time of disruptive change in our industry’s supply chain, there is no better person to lead Impactiva’s business development ,” said Jose R. Suarez, Impactiva’s founder and CEO. “Ed is a proven transformational leader with the ability to listen to the needs of the new generation of consumers and translate these to the paradigm shift needed on the shop floor. His vision for Industry 4.0 will propel Impactiva as we enter our next chapter of innovation and growth.”

Gribbin commented, “When I first learned about the next-generation, digital supply chain solutions Jose and his team were building, I knew I wanted to contribute and be a part of what will be a true industry transformation. I have been involved in developing and implementing product development and supply chain solutions for years, often lamenting how slow we were, as an industry, to embrace change and innovation. With Impactiva’s philosophy, vision, focus on education and talented team, I feel that I can help to build a brighter, more transparent future not only for brands, retailers and their customers but also for the millions of artisans who make what we wear.”

Gribbin is the founder and CEO of Gribbin Strategic LLC, a boutique consultancy focused on the apparel/fashion sector and offering services in the areas of growth strategy, business development, branding and marketing, product development and supply chain innovation, executive coaching and change management. Gribbin is widely recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on the apparel industry and serves on numerous global boards dedicated to the success of the retail, apparel and textile sectors, including the American Apparel & Footwear Association, the International Apparel Federation, the Americas Apparel Producers’ Network and the Sewn Products Equipment Suppliers of the Americas.

Up until 2018, GribbinEd served as president of Alvanon Inc., a leading innovation, technology and consulting firm serving major brands and retailers. Gribbin built and led Alvanon teams around the globe helping fashion industry clients develop and implement strategies and solutions in disciplines ranging from marketing and merchandising to product development and supply chain. Prior to Alvanon, Gribbin served as President and COO of technology start-up Intellifit Corp., where he co-invented the revolutionary Intellifit Body Scanner and built a data-driven consulting practice based on optimizing apparel fit and sizing strategy. As senior vice president at Angelica Corp., he managed sales, marketing, design and production for one of the largest corporate-wear companies in the United States.

Founded in 2003, Impactiva has been a partner of choice for major brands and retailers for improving their supply chain. The company utilizes lean manufacturing principles to optimize factories’ processes, provide on-site quality assurance, quality-control, and deliver significant improvements in efficiency, quality, flexibility and cost.

Known for its rigorous recruiting process and world-class learning centers in Chennai, India, and Dongguan, China; Impactiva attracts the industry’s best, most ethical professionals who provide clients with cost-saving, forward-thinking insights, a dedication to continuous improvement, and unmatched integrity, honesty and ethics.

Dedicated to creating innovative production solutions for the footwear and apparel industries, the company is preparing to launch their new development in manufacturing excellence systems and digital learning.

Impactiva founder Jose R. Suarez is the majority shareholder who has been in the leather, footwear and apparel industry since 1991. In 1999, he founded leatherXchange, a marketplace for the world of hides and leather. After selling leatherXchange in 2003, he purchased the company’s quality control division which served as the foundation for the creation of Impactiva.

Posted May 3, 2019

Source: Impactiva