Gerber Technology Makes On-Demand Fashion Real With The Waldrip Collection

TOLLAND, Conn. — May 28, 2019 — It’s challenging for a designer to compete and maintain pace with the speed of change in fashion today. Many are dependent upon traditional development cycles, supporting creativity but slow in moving from inspiration to finished garment. This model has become increasingly risky, as consumer trends shift quickly leaving brands with inventory exposure and business practices that are not sustainable. To demonstrate how integrated technology can support the ability to produce fashion on demand in a sustainable way, Gerber Technology is collaborating with Stephanie London, a high-end women’s wear designer, to develop a collection of garments, the Gerber by Waldrip Collection. The collection demonstrates how traditional processes that historically take months, can be transformed to bring a line to life within days. “We have been driving innovation in this space,” said Ketty Pillet, vice president of marketing, Gerber Technology. “The Gerber by Waldrip Collection shows how technology makes purchase-activated fashion real, so you can design and produce based upon demand, staying on trend, optimizing inventory and minimizing markdowns.”

“Working with Gerber Technology, opened my eyes to a whole new way of doing things,” said Stephanie London, Owner, Designer Waldrip NYC. They made everything quick and easy.” Waldrip’s typical process would have included paper patterns, a team of partners and a binder to manage and build her tech pack. She would typically go through multiple rounds of physical samples before finalizing a garment ready for production months later. “I was really amazed that within a matter of hours I could see a 3D virtual sample that was well on the way to a final product. Gerber held my hand and educated me on all the technologies they have to help, from design through a personalized bespoke concept all the way up to small batch on-demand or mass production.”

For the past 50 years, Gerber has been transforming data flow and connectivity from  cloud-based YuniquePLM®and AccuMark®2D/3D software solutions sending data to Industry 4.0 enabled GERBERcutter® Z1or Gerber Paragon® cutter to power efficient on-demand or mass production processes. To sustain this model of transformation, Gerber recently patented two solutions which provide unique advantages for an on-demand digital print workflow. Within its industry leading AccuMark software, they have patented a unique ICC color profile to ensure design integrity through the print process. Secondly, Gerber’s latest concept, PrintSync™, is a device which allows a hands-free and continuous workflow from printing through the final cut parts, synchronizing the material from any digital printer to the speed of the cutter.

“Our collaboration with Stephanie shows how an end-to-end solution is just the beginning of how Gerber can help brands and manufacturers transform into agile organizations and meet the on-demand challenge,” said Ketty Pillet. Gerber plans to continue to demonstrate how its suite of end-to-end solutions support agility from design to production workflows with the opening of its Innovation Center in New York City scheduled later this year.

Posted May 28, 2019

Source: Gerber Technology