Be A Part Of Menswear History In A Modern Tuxedo From Paul Stuart

NEW YORK CITY — April 8, 2019 — For over 100 years, the tuxedo has been the ideal suit for formal occasions, weddings, and celebrations. The evening suit, an important part of fashion history, was first introduced into men’s wardrobes when it was worn by a wealthy businessman in 1886 at a celebratory occasion in Tuxedo Park, N.Y.

The dinner jacket, as it is often referred to, offers a great canvas for a multitude of customization options. For the groom, it offers him a way to personalize his wedding party and outfit his groomsman with a wide range of accessories. If the wearer has served in the military, this is the perfect place for custom buttons and insignias. Stylish men can add also add a vest or braces. Even the shirts offer options for personalization. The wearer can choose amongst a number of collar styles and a plain or detailed bib front. Paul Stuart’s Creative Director Ralph Auriemma comments, “The only recommendation we make when our customers come in for a tuxedo is to stick with a white shirt, there’s nothing more classic, after that, they can have as much fun as they want to while customizing their suit.”

Paul Stuart offers tuxedos in a wide range of materials. From the classic English wool and cashmere blend to new for spring, a denim evening jacket with a satin lapel. The new in-store CustomLAB offers men the opportunity to design their own unique tux with a wide choice of materials, trims, threads and mother of pearl or grosgrain covered buttons to choose from. For an elegant silhouette, all of the tuxedo fabrics are steam pressed rather than ironed before being cut. The tailoring that goes into the construction of each suit includes a hand-set collar and sleeves. The trousers feature a hand-pleated waistband, a tailoring detail that stretches back to the 1920s, for a comfortable fit.

Like any tailored garment, a well-made tuxedo is a worthwhile investment that can be happily worn for years if not decades. Auriemma concludes, “The tux persists today as a sartorial tradition because there is an elegance and power to it. A quality tuxedo, that fits like a glove, makes every man wearing it look amazing. An integral part of a well-dressed man’s wardrobe for over 100 years, a man in an evening suit is automatically part of menswear history.”

About Paul Stuart:

Headquartered in New York City, Paul Stuart, Inc. was founded by Ralph Ostrove and named for his son Paul Stuart Ostrove, has remained in its original location since opening in 1938. The company designs exclusive collections of men’s and women’s tailored clothing, sportswear and accessories. Politicians and celebrities have been shopping at Paul Stuart for over 50 years and include Jay Z, Alan Cummings, Spike Lee, Hugh Jackman and LL Cool J.

Additional stores are in Chicago on East Oak Street and LaSalle Street, and a third boutique in Washington, D.C.’s City Center shopping district. The company operates additional more than 40 locations throughout Japan and South Korea. Paul Stuart is privately held by the Mitsui company of Tokyo.

Posted April 8, 2019

Source: Paul Stuart