Vietnam Veteran Establishes Fishing And Outdoor Apparel Brand

METAIRIE, La. — February 4, 2019 — As a proud U.S. Navy Veteran who served in the Vietnam War, 80-year-old entrepreneur Glen Newell has a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion for fishing. Spending a large portion of his life on the water, Newell fell in love with Louisiana and what The Sportsman’s Paradise offered him. Expanding on his affinity for fishing, Newell runs Home Run Charters Fishing & Lodges company in Venice, La. However, along with being an outdoorsman, he possesses a keen eye for stylish performance fishing gear. Therefore, with decades of business experience, he combined his talents and ideas to make his own clothing company, Apparel by Home Run.

Fishing always held a special place in Newell’s heart. He believes that protective fishing attire is a necessity, and it must be very attractive for men and women. Armed with a local design team of graphic designers and Louisiana artists, Apparel By Home Run makes a big splash into the waters of performance fishing apparel.

Newell wasn’t handed the opportunity to create businesses, like Apparel By Home Run. In childhood, he ran away from home at the age of 15 years old, to escape domestic violence. Before joining the U.S. Navy, he apprenticed under a MAYO Clinic physician, in exchange for food and a roof over his head. After his apprenticeship, Newell attended and graduated from the Balboa Hospital Pharmacy School in California.

In his service, he worked on a ship as a pharmacist and provided medication to those in need, during the trials and tribulations of the Vietnam War. When he returned home, Newell built everything he had from nothing, which displayed the American Dream. All he knows is hard work. Even at 80-years-old, he remains relentless with his final business. He works with a passion for everything in fishing, fashion, and community.

Newell is a machine, when it comes to perfectionism and quality. With his good judgement, he outfitted his company with workaholic individuals, to power Apparel By Home Run. There’s a new fishing apparel company, superior products, a desire to leave its mark, and it’s here to stay. In honor of the United States and all those who served to protect its freedom, Apparel by Home Run is hiring disabled veterans.

Customer Testimonials: 
”Love the shirt, good fit and super comfortable! I’ve gotten so many compliments on this shirt! Thanks Home Run!” – Nathan N.

“The shirts and clothes are super comfortable. I live in Mississippi and it gets hot here. It really makes fishing a lot more comfortable. I’m not one for wearing anything typical, these shirts are one-off and look way better than anything else you can buy. The artwork on them is great, just fantastic.” – TreVante Taliaferro

Posted February 4, 2019

Source: Apparel By Home Run