Scan And Screen — Turning A Physical Material Into A Digital Texture

LOS ANGELES — February 19, 2019 — X-Rite Inc. and its subsidiary, Pantone LLC, announces that it has entered into a collaboration with Luxion, the makers of 3D rendering and animation solution KeyShot. X-Rite and Luxion enter into a new partnership to collaborate on the use of X-Rite’s Total Appearance Capture (TAC) scanning technology with Luxion’s KeyShot rendering solution.

Starting Tuesday, February 19, through Wednesday, February 20, X-Rite and KeyShot will be displaying their collaborative solution at the Product Innovation Apparel Conference at the LA Grand Hotel in Los Angeles. In addition, on April 18, X-Rite and KeyShot will host a webinar, showcasing how KeyShot users can create physically accurate material representations for the highest quality 3D visuals and imagery.

The ability to produce soft product imagery in CG at the highest level of fidelity has historically been something of a challenge. One obstacle in the way of achieving true CG realism has been the inability to accurately measure and capture every detail across the multitude of materials used in any particular product design lifestyle. However, firms are now realizing the beneficial savings in time and costs achieved with a library of accurate, digital assets. These assets can follow a product from the initial design to its end-marketing.

The partnership between X-Rite and Luxion marks the start of an exciting collaborative development; using X-Rite’s advanced scanning technology with Luxion’s KeyShot real-time rendering application — the technologies can produce the most accurate material visualization possible.

Henrik Wann Jensen, chief scientist and co-founder of Luxion:

“A primary differentiator and key feature of KeyShot is the ability to create high-quality visuals using scientifically accurate materials.”

“Along with the vast material capabilities in KeyShot, this collaboration with X-Rite will allow users to accurately and consistently represent the complex material properties of their scanned textures for an endless number of materials, providing even greater realism in communicating their product visuals.”

Dr. Francis Lamy, executive vice president and chief technology officer, X-Rite and Pantone:

“This collaboration will allow X-Rite and KeyShot to take a giant leap forward to allow users to visualize their creations using physically correct digital materials, providing a new level of realism that results in even more immersive experience in product virtualization, media content, and marketing collateral.”

To catch this collaboration in action, KeyShot users can also see demonstrations of the TAC7™ at the PI Apparel conference, Los Angeles where visitors will see a physical material placed into the X-rite scanner and rendered in real-time by KeyShot.

Posted February 19, 2019

Source: X-Rite, Inc.