HeiQ And Patagonia Expand Their Partnership With HeiQ Fresh Tech

ZÜRICH, Switzerland/VENTURA, Calif. — November 1, 2018 — HeiQ and sustainable outdoor clothing brand Patagonia have expanded their 2017 partnership to include HeiQ Fresh Tech odor control technology, with best-in-class performances.

Recent consumer research shows that 72 percent of shoppers are interested in odor control technology in activewear. As we are social animals, humans want to be close to others without having to worry about bad smell on our apparel from ourselves or our surroundings.

To expand on the Patagonia/HeiQ partnership, and as part of the R&D partnership launched in 2017, Patagonia will begin using HeiQ Fresh Tech odor control in its Fall 2019 collection.

“While we were happy with our previous odor control solution, we were able to develop a better solution as part of our R&D Partnership with HeiQ. We are always looking to improve quality of our products, and HeiQ Fresh Tech will help us meet our consumers demands.” said Matt Dwyer, director of material innovation and development at Patagonia. “We are excited to continue to expand our partnership with HeiQ to develop sustainable textile finishes.”

HeiQ Fresh Tech is a family of highly versatile and effective odor-preventing and odor-absorbing textile technologies that continue to be effective even after prolonged use and frequent washings. This product family is comprised of technologies that either prevent odor from emerging, absorb odor from the surroundings, or take both into action.

“We are confident our HeiQ Fresh Tech solution will be a great addition to the Patagonia product line, and will create the highest value possible for the consumer,” said Carlo Centonze, HeiQ CEO. He added, “The Patagonia and HeiQ partnership is based on our shared vision that technology can perfect our every-day textile products.”

Posted November 1, 2018

Source:  HeiQ Materials AG