Fit Freedom Introduces Virtual Tailor To Slash Billions Lost In Retail Apparel Returns

DALLAS — November 14, 2018 — Fit Freedom, a body measurement platform powered by augmented reality and machine learning, today announced its general availability for retailers worldwide. Purpose-built to rid the apparel industry of its biggest nightmare: size-related returns – Fit Freedom turns a smartphone into a virtual tailor that provides precision sizing in just 2 clicks.

A joint development venture between Rebel Athletic, the couture athletic clothier, and SevenTablets, the digital transformation company, Fit Freedom leverages augmented reality and machine learning to recommend the consumer’s optimal fit by crosschecking their preferences and measurements with the retailer’s available sizing charts. Fit Freedom connects consumers with the brands they love, eliminates size-related returns, inspires confidence and fosters brand loyalty.

For Retailers

With holiday shopping set to surge to $720 billion,* retailers will experience a spike in online sales but it will come at a cost: more than 40 percent of apparel purchased online is returned.** Despite advanced omnichannel retail experiences and competitive offers like free shipping, sizing inaccuracy remains unresolved, leading to more returns, increased investment in reverse logistics and significant financial losses.

“As a leading designer and manufacturer of couture uniforms for All Star and professional athletes, Rebel Athletic operates in an industry that demands precision sizing. For years, we shouldered the logistical pain of traditional sizing kits – until now,” said Karen Noseff Aldridge, President of Rebel Athletic. “With the development of Fit Freedom, our sales representatives can now deliver accurate and custom-sizing, instantly. Today, we are proud to announce that we are making our technology available to retailers and shoppers globally, for the benefit of the entire retail apparel ecosystem.”

During beta testing, Fit Freedom’s proprietary machine learning algorithms synthesized scans from thousands of competitive athletes nationwide, including the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Cheer Athletics, the nation’s largest All-Star cheerleading facility. The teams reported a 99 percent fit accuracy rate.

For Consumers

Fit Freedom is the fastest and easiest way for consumers to determine their size across all retail brands. With just two full body scans, Fit Freedom converts the consumer’s body measurements into their Fit Freedom ID, a 3D “fit” model that can determine accurate sizing down to the half inch.

“The fact that we can finally say goodbye to tape measures and hello to technology like Fit Freedom is a gamechanger,” said Kelli Finglass, Director of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. “It lets me focus on perfecting our routines and lets the technology perfect the sizing.”

Since beta, Rebel Athletic has implemented the technology enterprise-wide, arming 42 sales representatives across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. To date, Fit Freedom has saved Rebel Athletic more than $200,000 in sizing expenses.

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**Gartner Group Research, 2016

Posted November 14, 2018

Source: Fit Freedom