Fashion Brand MEXX Is Back: First Store Opens In Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

DRUNEN, The Netherlands — November 26, 2018 — MEXX will open a new store in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands on 28 November 2018. An innovative, minimalistic and contemporary lifestyle design has been developed for the interior that matches the brand’s DNA. It is the first store to be opened by MEXX following the acquisition by RNF Group last autumn.

The franchise store is located at Binnenstede 11 in the Cityplaza shopping center in Nieuwegein. With 300 m² of floor surface and a 14-metre store window, MEXX is the ideal location for showcasing the new MEXX and the new store concept. In addition to a contemporary collection for women, men and children, MEXX is presenting an extensive collection of shoes. The store design was realised by architectural firm Boffi Design. It has designed a minimalist, sleek concept featuring a simple and elegant look and feel. Lighting specialist Guzzini Design was engaged to develop optimum lighting for the store.

International expansion in spring 2019

The worldwide launch is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2019. MEXX will at that time open more stores and expand the distribution further into the European key markets in the Benelux, France, Greece and Germany. These are markets in which MEXX has a high level of name awareness and has had a presence for more than 25 years. Stores will be opened in Canada, the Middle East, Saudi Arabia, the GOS countries and Russia in order to support the various brand market entries. Potential market introductions in Egypt and China are also being considered. The company expects a high level of growth in the so-called emerging markets.

Leo Cantagalli, CEO of MEXX, said: “MEXX has gone back to its roots. I’m proud that we are opening the first store in our home market of the Netherlands. This is where it all began more than thirty years ago. We’ve designed a stunning collection for urban professionals. In addition, we’ve developed a new interior concept in association with Boffi Design that optimally dovetails with MEXX’s DNA. Thanks to the new store concept and a contemporary multi-gender collection, we’re ready for the worldwide launch next spring.”

The company has worked diligently on the re-launch over the past year. MEXX presented a spring/summer collection that was available online on last spring. The focus is furthermore on strengthening the organization, entering into partnerships for a decentralised market approach and optimizing the e-commerce strategy and communications via social media.

Posted November 26, 2018

Source: MEXX