Cifra Has Patented Its Know-How And Is Aiming For Sustainable Development And Outerwear

VERANO BRIANZA, Italy — September 19, 2018 — Cifra, a company in the production of Warp Knit Seamless (WKS™), has certified and patented its supply chain technology on an international level to further safeguard this extraordinary vocation and the undeniable uniqueness of it. The patenting of every single production process means that the importance of the history of this trade and of the path it has taken — with all the skills, investments, passion, and dedication necessary — be highlighted.

Sustainability gets a huge boost with the Zero Waste commitment (in warp seamless, all yarn is transformed into a product, whereas in traditional fabric the packaging waste is about 30 percent) and thanks to the growing use of eco-friendly or regenerated yarns such as ECONYL® by Aquafil, QNova and EVO® by Fulgar, and Sensil® Ecocare by Nilit Fibers.

The company from Lombardy simultaneously launches its first outerwear line, resulting from a lengthy, meticulous designing which today is an integral part of the production of the seamless warp Body Size for Base Layers that has become so successful on the market.

This new direction is dedicated to the production of contemporary and futuristic urban casual with a highly technological edge, or rather the creation of ventilation body mapping areas that allow for the body to experience a pleasant feeling of freshness together with an innovative aesthetic impact.

“The transferring of wks technology from “skin tight” underwear or sportswear to, as it were, outer urban wear and hi-tech outerwear is an innovation that we are sure will inspire both sports and fashion brands,” explained Cesare Citterio, CEO of WKS Cifra. “From a sports point of view, we are also studying a collection of garments that we will present at ISPO 2019 in Munich, designed specifically with the upcoming World Cup in Qatar in mind to combat the effects caused by high temperatures”.

On the communication front, WKS Cifra launches its concept video realized by the London agency Rokabyestudio that, thanks to the sentimental, touching slant given to it, briefly tells the story of this all-Italian excellence.

Among the most recent in textile innovations, Warp Knit Seamless is undoubtedly one of the most sweeping and extreme. This is a new way of envisioning the concept of seamless both in terms of production technique and product, compared to traditional garments made on circular or straight line machines. In the sports field, this innovative technology plays a fundamental role in the creation of unique, high-performance, functional garments with a contemporary style guaranteeing unprecedented comfort and durability.

Posted September 19, 2018

Source: Cifra