12 ReTech’s Lexi-Luu Dancewear Is “Made In The USA” And Selling In Asia

CARSON CITY, Nev./HONG KONG — August 28, 2018 —  12 ReTech Corp. announced today that its Emotion Fashion Brands, Inc’s Lexi-Luu Dancewear is to be sold in Asia. A distribution contract was recently signed between Emotion Fashion Brands Inc. and Global Outlets Group Inc., a U.S.-based distributor who successfully brings American manufactured products and brands to countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, China and Vietnam.

This contract will allow Global Outlets to sell Lexi-Luu branded merchandise in its distribution territories for four years. Global Outlets Group plans to sell $1 million of Lexi Luu Dancewear in the first year, the minimum annual merchandise purchase guaranteed is $500,000, with any unpurchased amount between $500,000 and $1 million being added to the second year’s minimum guarantee. The contract specifies a higher minimum purchase guarantee each year with the fourth year’s minimum purchase guarantee set at $10,000,000.

Lexi-Luu Dancewear is one of the micro brands that 12 ReTech acquired on May 1, 2018, as part of its Emotion Fashion Brands acquisition. Emotion Fashion now operates in Salt Lake City and is ramping up its manufacturing operations to be able to meet domestic and international demand. Recently, Utah was ranked third by CNBC in its “America’s Top States for Business 2018” scorecard which is part of the reason for the move from California.

Hub Blanchett, Emotion Apparel’s CEO, commented: “I am very pleased that Lexi-Luu Dancewear will be available to parents in a larger part of the world. We have brightened the smiles of children in the USA for many years, and now the time to bring our dancewear to the rest of the world has arrived.”

Angelo Ponzetta, 12 ReTech’s CEO, previously stated: “Lexi-Luu is a timeless brand of kid’s dancewear that is well recognized in the “dance world”. That our products are ‘Made in the USA’ has been well received by families with young children in our primary geographic market. Hub’s team has worked closely with us and because of that, we are now ready, ahead of schedule, to grow our sales and extend our brand awareness into worldwide consumer markets.”

Hub concluded: “Many demographics on foreign lands want to experience the American lifestyle. In the 70’s, for example, famous apparel brands such as Levi’s, Lee and Wrangler were sought out in the rest of the world and became iconic symbols of American culture. We think that American culture is resurging again and Emotion Fashions is ready to meet that need in the worldwide markets. The new contract was brought to us by the 12 ReTech team who operates internationally. Their reach is one of many reasons why we joined up with them. We never would have seen this opportunity without 12ReTech.”

Ponzetta concluded,” We are working hard on our 12 Technology Suite and expect to be able to announce additional strategic partnership(s) in the near future to bring value to our prospective retailers.

Posted August 28, 2018

Source 12 ReTech Corporation