Thermore Introduces ECODOWN® FIBERS

MILAN, Italy — July 3, 2018 — Despite the efforts of the apparel industry to move towards a more sustainable and cruelty-free approach, recent surveys report that 80 percent of cold weather clothing is still insulated with duck feathers. This is mainly due to the lack of a synthetic solution that provides the same look and loft as down. Thermore® takes the first step towards sustainability by releasing a truly revolutionary and blowable product: Ecodown® Fibers.

Ecodown® Fibers ensure the same loft as high quality 90/10 feathers and can likewise be blown into a garment. The loft of down products is calculated with the “fill power test”: fibers are blown through a cylinder and their volume is measured. The higher the “fill power”, the puffier the jacket. Tests performed on Ecodown® Fibers have reported an outstanding fill power of over 600, which is how the product is able to guarantee that “puffy” look.

Moreover, this insulation is incredibly durable: itsone-of-a-kind multi-shape structure allows high resistance and prevents it from clumping when washed.

Not only are Ecodown® fibers animal-free, but they are also made from 100-percent PET bottles. Every jacket insulated with Thermore®’s fibers allows recycling up to 10 post consumer bottles. Along with a warm feel, the insulation achieves a soft touch without the use of microfibers, which would contaminate oceans and, ultimately, our own food.

Designers can finally let their creativity flow with no limitations, knowing Ecodown® Fibers will allow them not only to recreate that puffy down look, but also to support environmental sustainability.

You can see Ecodown® Fibers presented at the forthcoming trade shows around the world: Milano Unica July 10-12; Performance Days New York City July 23-24; Outdoor Retailer July 23-26; Munich Fabric Start September 4-6; and Première Vision September 19-21.

For those who cannot make it to the shows, Thermore® has also recently released its new ad campaign with a catchy video to promote the product, featuring Thermore®’s best friend, Zorba the Duck (

Posted July 3, 2018

Source: Thermore