The Chapman Perelman Foundation Presents The Change Fashion Forum At The New York Academy Of Sciences

NEW YORK CITY— July 10, 2018 — Today, the Chapman Perelman Foundation and the New York Academy of Sciences sponsor the Change Fashion Forum and Workshop. The CFC Forum and Workshop is an event that brings together leaders from the fashion industry, academia, and non-profit organizations to begin the development of a prioritized sustainable fashion research agenda and roadmaps for the priority areas identified in the agenda. The New York Academy of Sciences hosts leading researchers from institutions including University of Cambridge Institute for Manufacturing, World Resources Institute, Natural Resources Defense Council, Aalto University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London College of Fashion, University of Leeds, and North Carolina State University, representing expertise from the fields of chemical engineering, toxicology, design, and material sciences.

The event comprises of five Working Group Sessions covering the stages in the circular ecosystem of the fashion industry: Materials, Production/Manufacturing, Retail and Consumer, Supply Chain, and Closing the Loop (Re+Upcycling). Beyond business model innovation, scientific and technological advancement offers the greatest hope to drive the evolution of the fashion industry towards a more sustainable model.

The Change Fashion Forum focuses on creating innovation to pioneer the future of fashion and create a new sustainable ecosystem in the fashion industry. This means innovation throughout the entire product lifecycle, toward a circular and regenerative model — changing the way garments are designed, produced, shipped, bought, used, and recycled by introducing disruptive science and technology, and new business models.

“The Chapman Perelman Foundation is pleased to support the Change Fashion Forum.  Today’s meeting convened thought leaders from the fashion industry, sciences, technology, and academia, working to identify emerging solutions and opportunities for further innovation to be carried forth by the New York Academy of Sciences’ network,” said Anna Chapman, President of the Chapman Perelman Foundation. “We look forward to bringing the ideas generated at this meeting to a wider audience when we launch the public-facing component of the Change Fashion initiative in Fall 2018.”

“The New York Academy of Sciences is particularly delighted to work with the Chapman Perelman Foundation to present the Change Fashion Forum,” remarked Academy President and CEO Ellis Rubinstein. “We believe that the challenges facing the fashion industry can only be solved by collective action.”

“The five Working Group Sessions during Forum identified priority areas to be addressed and key actions to create a more sustainable fashion industry,” said Jennifer Costley, Director at New York Academy of Sciences. “Working with the Chapman Perelman Foundation, our network, and the fashion industry, we will have the right players to develop innovative solutions to these challenges.”

Posted July 10, 2018

Source: The Chapman Perelman Foundation