First-Ever Medical Scrub Collection To Use Advanced Bio-Mineral Fabric Technology To Promote Restorative Comfort For Health Care Professionals

LOS ANGELES — July 25, 2018 — Barco™ Uniforms today announced the launch of Barco One Wellness, the first-ever medical scrub collection infused with health-promoting bio-minerals aimed at helping the body self-regulate and recover — a necessity for busy healthcare professionals who work hard to care for others. Barco One Wellness is the second brand under the Barco One label for the company, based on the overwhelming success of the original Barco One collection that launched a year ago.

These infused bio-minerals are found to enhance blood circulation and increase tissue oxygenation, as well as maintain consistent optimal body temperature by circulating energy back to the body. As the first company to incorporate a Far Infrared reflective finish on the inside of the fabric of its scrubs, Barco’s new Barco One Wellness apparel line harnesses the energy from the infrared spectrum that is likely to have restorative benefits, with the goal of promoting recovery for the wearer’s body. The natural mineral-based elements of elvan, amethyst, red clay, platinum and germanium interact with the human body. The bio-mineral infused fabric promotes relaxation for a deeper sleep and supports the reduction of inflammation and stimulates natural cell regeneration.

Designed to help busy health care professionals perform at their peak every single day, the original Barco One brand, which launched last year, is exceeding its original projections by a significant margin and has transformed the industry with purposeful innovation and an emphasis on sustainability. The brand uses arc-tech™, a groundbreaking, proprietary fabric technology that delivers 5-points of performance including eco-friendly recycled fabric, 4-way stretch, soil release, moisture-wicking and wrinkle resistance. Boosting its sustainability, each Barco One scrub set is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles.

The Barco One brands are known for transitioning health care professionals from work-to-life and life-to-work by offering cutting-edge fashion silhouettes and layering pieces that extend well beyond the health care work environment and spill over into everyday life. The jackets, jog pants, vests and tees are wardrobe extensions, designed with such versatile style that they can easily be worn as off-duty weekend wear or even travel wear.

“We are inspired everyday by the compassion and dedication of health care professionals because they put their patients’ wellbeing first, so we designed the Barco One Wellness apparel collection with comforting, restorative benefits for those who deserve it the most,” said David Murphy, president and CEO of Barco Uniforms. “We honor these professionals by sourcing and incorporating fabrics that can make a difference in their lives, through performance and feel.”

“At Barco, purposeful innovation is in our DNA and our focus is on improving the work and lives of our professionals,” added Murphy. “We carefully consider what more we can be doing to meet their specialized needs. We’re committed to making scrubs like Barco One Wellness that perform at the highest level while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.”

Posted July 25, 2018

Source: Barco™ Uniforms