Hyosung Features Lifestyle And Sustainable Fabrics With 2020 Textile Trends At Interfeliere Paris Mode City July 7-9, 2018

SEOUL, South Korea  — June 25, 2018 — Hyosung will showcase lifestyle and sustainable fabrics for swimwear, lingerie and activewear including:

  • New range of creora® Color+ dyeable spandex with higher power for deeper, darker colors with better compression in new shapewear, bras and activewear pants;
  • New 30/34 denier mipan® Aqua-X cooling, moisture management nylon with creora® fresh spandex for 24/7 performance in sports bras and shapewear;
  • New 20/68 denier MIPAN nylon for sensually soft,  featherweight fabrics for intimates;
  • Mipan® Regen recycled nylon with creora® highclo™ super chlorine resistant spandex, ideal for swim to gym longevity;
  • New collection of creora® eco-soft with dope dyed modal for loungewear and yoga inspired garments; and
  • New collection of creora® Fresh for multifunctional base layer and shapewear.

“As consumers seek multi-functional, comfortable apparel to support their active lifestyles, we continue to partner with global brands and retailers to provide customized innovation in fibers, fabrics and garments,” shared Mike Simko, Globlal  marketing director. “In addition, with sustainability and increased speed to market a minimum expectation, Hyosung helps customers integrate textile trends and fiber innovation through our new fabric development center to create prototype fabrics and garments.”

Intimate Apparel Trends 2020:


Sensational touch comes to the forefront, delivering luxurious appeal with all-embracing applications using creora® spandex. Compact and precise, there is a sense of opulence from the hand feel, as fabrics with different levels of power caress the body. Color is injected to update delicate basics and to create engineered constructions for unrivaled appeal to the consumer. Ethereal knits are so fine, they effortlessly glide and embrace the skin, with powdery touch for a magical, cosmetic feel for all applications.

Next Gen

Today’s consumer wants an enhanced silhouette from shapewear with comfort and high levels performance plus an injection of decorative appeal and color. Shapewear is taking its traditional technology teamed with today’s functional yarns and knitting techniques in creating a next generation offering. Clean cut warp knit and anti-roll circular knits provide a smooth finish as VPL is eliminated. Shape wear is also reaching to new areas, not just designed to briefs, panties and thigh-slimming, butt-lifting shorts, and new engineered bras, with lift, support, and enhanced comfort by eliminating the traditional underwire.


With an increase in sports, health and wellbeing, the consumer continues to embark on an array of activities, including high level impact to leisurely weekend wear intimates and essential styles for active lifestyles. The classic sports bra is now reaching a new level of delivery, as traditional lingerie techniques merge with performance fibers and fabrics. Pulling from the activewear sector, these yarns deliver moisture management, UV protection, quick dry and superb fit plus comfort level from creora® Fresh anti-odor spandex.

Swimwear trends 2020:


Longevity drives the pro and fitness swimwear market, where creora® highclo™ is the essential super chlorine resistant spandex/elastane. Lightweight circular and warp knits with perfect compact surfaces reduce drag in the water and enhance the swimmer’s performance.  A high level of technicity features, as the fabrics proposed withstand the rigor of pushing through, instead effortlessly glide during swimming. Fabric weights are light, literally second skin in application for an unlimited experience.


A natural inspiration defines this direction, as a natural touch through to nature’s sensational colors feature. Warp and circular knit fabrics reach new levels of touch in matte and bright results. Fabrics take on a patina, subtly glazed with wet look and calendared finishes. Micro brushed surfaces and air textured yarns deliver a strong tactile appeal, subtly sueded through to liquid-like ethereal hands. The natural nuance of this direction leads to a strong sustainable appeal, with recycled REGEN polyester and creora® highclo pushing an eco angle


In homage to the great outdoors, this direction takes on a superbly strong sustainable issue with Mipan regen recycled nylon and Regen recycled polyester with creora spandex. Swimwear features, but this direction is also about the lifestyle experience. The Millennials, eco conscious to the core, want the best they can get to pursue their activities and expect their brands to deliver on a sustainable level. Enjoying ocean pursuits from surfing to supping, the cross over appeal of this direction should be noted in active living collections, as coordinated collections feature, featuring cellulosic that require creora® eco-soft low heat settable spandex that saves energy in production.

Posted June 25, 2018

Source: Hyosung Corp.