EXENTA Makes Real-Time Production Monitoring A Reality For Remote Retailers, Brands, Execs

NEW YORK CITY  —June 28, 2018 — EXENTA Inc., an innovator in next-generation information technology solutions for the apparel and other soft goods industries, is unveiling a groundbreaking new Shopfloor 3PM™ (Third-Party Manufacturing) cloud solution that enables retailers, brands, sourcing and production executives to achieve real-time visibility into order status, work-in-process (WIP), and other important manufacturing activities from anywhere in the world. Using a standard web browser, stakeholders can get up to the minute information on production orders, WIP levels, product quality, and more from third-party providers, contractors, or owned and operated factories.

According to Exenta President and CEO Roberto Mangual: “After transforming factories around the globe with real-time shop floor control solutions, we recognized the opportunity to provide the transparency and control needed by remote production package buyers, sourcing and supply chain managers, and others that rely on status updates and on-time deliveries from factories around the globe. We are already seeing strong interest from major retailers in this exciting solution.”

When used as a standalone solution, the Shopfloor 3PM system uses a series of cost-effective Android™-powered tablets to collect production information from key factory checkpoints that represent manufacturing process milestones; such as cutting, parts construction, select assembly operations, quality control inspections, finishing, packing and shipping. This data is processed in the cloud and made accessible to authorized users through any Internet-capable device. Factories that are already equipped with, or choose to install, the full Shopfloor SFC system can provide an expanded set of data on individual production operations as well as time and attendance, up/downtime, efficiency, utilization, incentive pay, capacity planning and scheduling, and other detailed information. Summary reports are also available through the system.

“Meeting customer demand in today’s fast-paced business environment requires that both buyers and sellers keep on top of manufacturing to stay ahead of the game”, explained Exenta Director of Real-time Analytics Justin Hershoran. “Shopfloor 3PM brings real-time visibility and control to entire supply chains with always up to date and actionable information.”

Posted June 28, 2018

Source: EXENTA