Anifa And Soccer Legend Michael Owen Launch Techknit — The Most Advanced Activewear Waterproof Jacket — Now Available On Kickstarter

LONDON — June 22, 2018 —   Anifa launched its Kickstarter campaign today for its waterproof TechKnit jacket. Anifa’s aim is to provide a more comfortable, stretchable fabric than any other waterproof outerwear on the market, all while keeping form and fashion in mind.

TechKnit by Anifa is designed for all-weather comfort, functionality and style.

Former soccer star Michael Owen, whose career included three World Cups, 89 games (caps) and 40 goals for England, collaborated with Anifa founder Simon Kuong on the project.

“Simon and I put in a lot of hard work into creating this activewear breakthrough,” Owen said. “It’s stretchable so it’s very comfortable to wear, it’s airy so it’s nice and cool, and it’s waterproof as well. The advanced fabric is from Japan and it’s the highest quality. Of course it looks great as well so it’s one of my favorites.”

The fabric, from Japanese manufacturer Toyobo, uses a special knit structure. That material makes the TechKnit Jacket unique on the market — stretchable and breathable like a knit fabric, but still waterproof and wind-resistant.

The TechKnit Jacket offers maximum versatility because it’s durable enough to wear in wet and windy weather, comfortable enough to wear when the weather is not so threatening, and fashionable enough to wear anywhere.

It all adds up in the TechKnit name — technology + knit. The company name, Anifa, is derived from George Orwell’s ANImal FArm; part of the company’s core mission — to bring more wellness and fairness to society by using technology in fashion. And that includes the blockchain technology.

On the blockchain front — in collaboration with Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), Anifa is one of world’s first OWN-accredited business, Anifa will work closely with GCOX for future celebs apparel and also accept Acclaimed tokens (ACM) and all celebs token including Michael Owen tokens (OWN) as mode of payment. On July 3rd, 2018, at the Berlin Fashion Week, GCOX will host the official launch of the co-brand ‘Michael Owen X Anifa’.

“When I look at Anifa I don’t see just a fashion brand. I see an innovative team that is building a unique platform for fashion designers, material scientists, and celebrities in perfect alignment,” said Sir Dr Jeffrey Lin, GCOX co-founder and CEO. “It’s true blockchain at work in a new vertical and that is incredible. I see their DNA in this jacket.”

Simon Kuong founded Anifa in 2017 with the goal of creating the future of activewear. Kuong is thrilled to have Owen on board.

“It’s an honor to collaborate with Michael in this project,” Kuong said. “He’s a legend in football and he has given us a lot of ideas on the research and design process. As an elite athlete, his experience has been invaluable, helping us to bring Anifa to a whole new level.”

TechKnit by Anifa features include:

  • Special lamination, providing top water-repelling function;
  • High-density wind resistance with 0.3 CC level;
  • Extra soft and stretchable material for maximum comfort;
  • Innovative fabric designed by the Toyobo company of Japan;
  • Hidden inner pockets;
  • Double zipper;
  • Velcro loop on the sleeves; and
  • echKnit Jackets come in a variety of color.

Posted June 22, 2018

Source: ANIFA